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Jun 11, 2012 09:12 AM

Have a Short List of Pubs for Moms' Birthday - looking for feedback - PUH LEEZE !

I have come up with a short list of spots for Mom's 80th

She is proud of her Irish heritage - so wanted spots that had that kind of Irish Pub feel and the ability to handle a party of about 35-50.

Mostly family and lose friends - all a little on the wild side - they don't let their age get in the way if you know what I mean.

Food needs to be decent, not culinary repast or grubby gruel - as the Pub atmosphere is primary,

So CH's - Look it over if you would and give me your thoughts or alternatives

Its planned to be either an early Saturday dinner - in by 6 out by 9 to let those who so care to , the ability to enjoy city nightlife while others head elsewhere


early Sunday brunch - lets people get into party early and enjoy their Sunday in the city or get to a late plane at the airport'

Heres My list:

Long Room 120 W 44
Fraunces Tavern 54 Pearl Street
Stout 133 W 33
Connolly's 4 locations in mid-town
Breslin 16 W 29

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  1. Based on the amount of people and comfort level for your Mom I would suggest Fraunces Tavern. Stout and Connolly's are both more big and corporate than having an Irish pub feel. I love the old comfy feel of Fraunces and the stouts on tap are quite delicious. The food isn't amazing but it isn't great at any of the places you listed except the Breslin which I don't think is big enough for a party of your size.

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      THANKS Roze for taking the time
      Fraunces Tavern looks the most authentic

      1. re: bronwen

        Really liked the space at Fraunces Tavern. Can anyone tell me what parking in the area is like on weekends?
        I presume food prepared for groups is more than passable?

      2. Can't say I've been to any of the places mentioned, so please take my input with that in mind.
        I would suggest Tir Na Nog which is right near Penn Station. We held a get together there for my Mom's 75th birthday and it was great. The service is warm and very Irish, the Guiness flows freely and a plus is that their chef, Matt, attended CIA. The food was great from their Irish Smoked Salmon to the delectable Shephard's Pie.
        My one caveat is to check it out beforehand if you can, because while the space is very Irish pub-like, it looks a little worn.
        Another of my Mom's all time favorites is Jimmy Neary's in the Sutton Place area. Great food and Irish ambience. Also great location and a parking garage right across the street.