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"Fancy" Chinese Restaurant in Seattle?

Today is my daughter's 10th birthday and I'm looking for a nice Chinese restaurant in Seattle to celebrate it in. I am very familiar with all the great Chinese food here, but it's mostly found in dumpy little spots. So, I'm looking for a place with a really nice,pretty dining room. Don't care too much about the food, my daughter has pretty bad taste in food thus far (sweet and sour chicken,chow mein,etc.). Any suggestions?

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  1. both CHINA HARBOR on westlake and LOUIES in ballard offer fancy decor and dull food

    1. Regent Bakery on Capitol Hill has decent food and a pretty space (there are photos of the dining room on Yelp, if that helps).

      1. O'Asian. Honestly haven't been there for anything but dimsum, but the setting isn't bad.

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          What about Bako, where Jade Pagoda was? Haven't tried yet, but sounds like it will please both of you. Also, Long Provincial (Vietnamese not Chinese) is upscale but good with kids and delicious.

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            +1 on O'Asian. I was there last week for some dim sum and it was good. I can't vouch for the other dishes but if the green bean dish I had at lunch was an indicator then it's probably not too bad. The decor is probably the nicest in Seattle.

            China Harbor has a nice view.

            If you are willing to go East then Din Tai Fung would be a great choice. It's nice atmosphere and food.

            Though not quite as fancy as the above mentioned places Fortune Garden at the Corner of King and Maynard is pretty nice. They replaced the old Ga Ga Loc so they have a fresh remodel and the cleanest restroom I've ever seen in the ID. The menu is very much like 663 Bistro but featuring more seafood and I thought the quality was as good 663. [If you are a 663 fan you will recognize the waitress who used to work at 663]. This would be my personal choice for the food and decent prices.

            The other International District spot that would work for that is Red Lantern. It's pretty nice though I haven't been as recently. They have more Asian foods other than Chinese on the menu but the food was pretty good when I tried it last.

          2. As mentioned, O'Asian, Din Tai Fung, and Red Lantern should fit your bill.

            It sounds like any "Asian" eatery would work, as food is of secondary importance. I would also consider Monsoon, PF Chang's, Wild Ginger, Zen Garden (up north a bit), Tea Palace in Renton.

            1. If you can stand a little driving up to South Snohomish County, the Zen Garden in Mill Creek might work for you:


              1. So where did you end up going, Longlost?

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                  Well, first we tried Ocean City (Ocean Palace?) right across the street from Kinokuniya. I had been there years ago and I remember them having a real old school dining room. Well, the hostess informed us that the room was now a bar and that we were welcome to eat in the dingy little takeout section right next door. As we were leaving, she offered to sit us in the bar but I wasn't feeling it by then. My daughter was getting hungry so we just ended up going to Fortune Garden,which I'd never been too. They had pretty good food, but pretty lousy but friendly service. I've managed to avoid saying "Salted Fish Fried Rice" out loud in front of my daughter for years (and it's one of her favorites) but our server was gracious enough to make a big deal out of me ordering it, mentioning over and over that it had salted fish in it and smelled really bad but tasted good, lol. Oh well, it was a successful birthday. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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                    Sorry to hear about the service problems but glad you had a successfull b-day. Thanks, for the update.