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Jun 11, 2012 08:41 AM

First time in Miami - looking for Chowish meals

Hello Miami 'hounds! I'm visiting Miami for the first time on a business trip next week and have no idea where to go for food. I've checked out the Miami boards to get an idea, but feel a little lost. We'll be staying in Miami Beach and our activities will be centered at the convention center and in Doral to see vendors.

We work in the retail food industry and are adventurous eaters. Coming from Boston, we are looking for something different from our usual fare, and want to get an idea of what local food in Miami is like. Price is not an issue, but that doesn't mean we don't like cheap eats, too.

I'm looking for a great place for a solo dinner and one solo breakfast around Miami Beach (near The Palms Hotel), and 3 lunches and two dinners with my boss. 2 of the lunches should be near Doral and 1 lunch near the convention center. Dinners can be anywhere in the area.

Michael's Genuine in the Design District looks interesting - thoughts on that one?

All recs welcome! Thanks!

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  1. Besides Michaels Genuine in no particular order - I don't know doral.
    Red Light Little River
    Grazianos (original on bird rd)
    El Mago de Las Fritas
    Papo LLega y Pon
    Tuyo - have not been but well liked by many
    Nemesis bistro - have not been but well liked
    The Dutch (your solo dinner in miami beach - lunch there is also great particularly their sandwiches).
    Pubbelly, Barceloneta
    Burbon Steak
    The Federal
    Tudor House
    Alta Mare

    Edit - nix palacio - I go in winter during off hours. Too crowded and hot in the summer.

    Try versailles - food is not amazing but you get a real sense of the miami cuban food scene here. It is an institution.

    I am south beach heavy because I know that area best.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      I'd add these to the list.

      El Palacio de los Jugos--for real authentic cuban food in a market type setting

      1. re: FoodDude2

        I nixed palacio because it is not the best place to go in the summer during primetime.

      2. re: tpigeon

        Thanks so much tpigeon and FoodDude2 for your suggestions! My homework will be a little easier thanks to your help. I'll be sure to report back after my trip.

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          Do Michael's Genuine for "different" and really good local food. I prefer to sit inside bc I like the atmosphere, especially in the main dining room but they offer outside seating as well. (You must book MG well in advance.) One other suggestion for Italian that's always good would be Osteria del Teatro on South Beach.I like Bourbon Steak (like Tpigeon) but it may bit a bit too far of a drive for you.