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Jun 11, 2012 08:26 AM

Raku - Kaiseki or Omakase?

Hello all.

I've been to Raku last year and loved.

I am heading back to Las Vegas and want to visit Raku one more time. But, this time I would like to try the 10/15 Kaiseki course or the 'pay as much as you want' Omakase.

Any ideas on which one I should try?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We've tried them both. The ten course Kaiseki is more like 15-18 courses, and takes a bit over three hours. We loved it, along with a matching sake tasting..which was just as incredible as the Kaiseki.

    The Omakase is wonderful, as it includes most of the specials of the night which usually includes some rare sashimi and their wonderful foies....

    You can't go wrong with either....I just can't wait to go back there in August!!

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    1. re: sockster

      Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I will try the Omakase first!

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          Would you recommend going a la carte, I have heard the kaiseki and omakase are wonderful but we want to be able to try as many things as possible. Ordering a la care seems more appropriate considering what we want to do.

    2. Besides Lotus, Raku is my favorite go to place in Las Vegas. I am not a local or one that is in Vegas every other weekend. I do visit about 2-3 times a year (more if my wife lets me). I have been to Raku several times and can honestly say that I have found the Omakase a bit clunky. Not bad just not consistantly great. I have put together my own tastings with much greater success. I have found that the Omakases have the occasional "why was that just served to me" feel. Again, not bad but I do not think it is worth the $ that they charge.

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      1. re: LVI

        LVI's points are worthy of consideration. I am a local and eat there very often. Both the kaiseki and omakase are good to great but I always prefer to create my own tasting based on the daily specials and the robata standards.

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          palmdoc, will have to meet up in Sept on next trip. Pitcher of Sapporo and a skewer of fois gras and beef tendon!

      2. Thanks for the replies guys. If I do order a la carte, is there anything special I should order? What are your favorite dishes?

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          I may be the wrong person to ask but that is why I love Raku so much. 1st and foremost, the special tofu soup. Forgot what it is called but basically it is a fried soft tofu in this broth that has salmon eggs, mushrooms and other tasty bits that is so delicious. I am not a tofu lover nor do I seek it out. But this special....order it. 2nd, the beef tendon. Soft gooey, gelatinous funk it is awesome (there were 2 different ones in the past and both were good. Not sure they still have 2.). 3rd, the blacked pig ear (took me 3 years to finally order a pigs ear but I order it every time now). I can go on and on. There are other more "normal" dishes (wasabi kobe beef filet, when on the specials board the wonderful sashimi) that are just as good.