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Where to find yummy Ontario strawberries

I bought some great berries at East Lynn Farmers Market last week, but can't wait until Thursday to get some more. Anybody know where fresh, tasty Ontario berries are to be found?

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  1. The ones I got at Longo's last week were delicious.

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      Thank you! I should have thought of them. Will drive up there today.

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        I picked up 4 baskets on Friday and there weren't many left. I'm assuming/hoping they restocked over the weekend, as there should still be several weeks left for strawberry season. They were tiny and so sweet and juicy. Such a lovely change from the California monster strawberries.

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          Just called the York Mills location and was told they have them. Thanks for the warning!

    2. The farmers market at the East York civic centre on Tuesdays will have them. They were available up to September last year.

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        Thanks, sloweater! That is close to me, so I will try to get there tomorrow.

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          I'll be heading there this morning for some, my favourite time of year! If you can't make that market then Riverdale Farm also has one today from 3-7.

      2. I bought some amazing ones at the Etobicoke Civic Centre farmers market. There's about 7 vendors that really great ones there. I also spotted real Ontario strawberries at Superstore (2 of them). They're about the same price as the one at the farmers market and just as flavourful as well. They're packaged up a bit more neatly and cleaner than the ones at the farmers market. That's the only difference.

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          Thanks, Nevy. I bought a basket of strawberries (not sure where from) at Loblaws last week only to get them home and discover that what looked nice on top was a pile of mush on the bottom. V. frustrating.

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            Ugh, I hate that. I always flip the containers over to check out if there are some super ripe ones on the bottom to avoid that. The ones at Superstore this weekend weren't as ripe as the ones at the Farmers Market so I think they'll be juicy ripe in a day or so. The ones I got at the farmers market were bursting in juices and a vibrant red. My cutting board looked like I was handling steak instead of strawberries!

        2. i find the best ones you get are the ones you pick yourself, much better than the ones from the store where quality in the box is questionable.

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            For sure as things are freshest that way. But, where is there a place near the GTA where you can pick them now?

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              Whittamore's started picking this past Saturday. I have picked both strawberries and raspberries there going on a few years now. It's a bit of a trek so I usually just go once a season for each fruit, but definitely worth it if you make jam or want to freeze a bunch.
              If you time it right you can pick various veggies too.

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                If you happen to go on a Saturday, make sure you go early. The lineups can be huge. I went last year, and on our way out, the cars waiting to park and then pick were bumper to bumper along the lane that runs through the farm (that's about 1km, easy).

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                  Just called Whittamore's, strange enough, none of the girls who answered the phone knew about the container pricing? Does anyone know how they weigh the strawberries if I were to bring my own containers? Do I empty the strawberries when finished and then they get weighed?


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                    They will weigh your containers before you pick and mark the weight on them. When you are done picking they will put the appropriate tare on the scale before weighing your berries. I always take my own (odd) containers from home and it is never a problem.
                    I'm hoping to go picking next week-end - just opened our last jar of jam from last year's batches!

                    1. re: cheesymama

                      Thanks cheesymama, I thought it would be something like that ... lol

                      I plan to take some flat containers so they won't get squished.

            2. I found some this morning at the Sobey's at Yonge & St. Clair. I imagine they're available chain wide.

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                There have been lots at Fiesta Farms over the past week.

              2. You can get some at the Bloor and Borden Farmer's market, from 3-7 on Wednesdays

                1. I just bought some at Metro for 3.99. Of course, being Metro, they had a skid of California strawberries front and centre, the Ontario ones were in the back with the organic berries. Fresh obsessed my a$$. I hate Metro.

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                    I bought some at Metro yesterday (Bayview and York Mills) and they were very good - sweet, juicy and smallish. I've had organic strawberries on vacation in Monterrey, CA, from a farmer's market, so I've been pretty spoiled when it comes to amazing strawberries.

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                        I picked up a pint at Zehr's in Windsor for $2.99. They smelled fantastic. They were very nice, save for a couple of rotten ones. I looked at a dozen or so pints before I found one that looked pretty good, though. There were lots that had either underripe strawberries or rotten ones.

                    1. Got some nice ones for 2.99 this a.m. from Highland Farms in Miss. Hoping for a stretch of dry heat to keep 'em coming better than last year's awful crop.

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                        The ones I got at Highland Farms Kennedy and Ellesmere last weekend were (and still are) mighty fine.

                      2. Tomorrow is the Strawberry festival at St Lawrence Market. I've never been but their site says there's strawberry dishes and tastings available at different vendors.

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                          Valu-Mart at Bayview and Davisville has had good batches over the past week for $2.99

                        2. Anyone have a good source for Organic Ontario Strawberries in the GTA?

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                            I just bought some just picked organic strawberries from the Riverdale Farmers Market yesterday for $6/quart. I imagine you can get them at most farmers markets these days. I thought the price was a bit steep as I've seen conventional ones for less than 1/2 the price, and organic ones in supermarkets for less too, but these are local so the carbon footprint is low (if you care about such things). They sure tasted good.

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                              Awesome, thanks! Yes, I am most interested berries that taste delightful because they haven't had to travel for ages. Has anyone seen them at Dufferin Grove Market?

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                                And how far did they travel if they're "local?"

                            2. I bought some great Ontario strawberries at Loblaws today (Yonge and Yonge Blvd). They were $2.00 a quart (2/$4.00) - firm, juicy and very sweet, and not overripe or mushy like others that I've had recently.

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                                having a harder time finding them now ... not at the loblaws at the maple leaf gardens, the big loblaws at st clair and bathurst, or the sobeys, brunos or loblaws express all at st clair and yonge. went to wychwood barns farmers market toward noon and they were either sold out or didn't have any. yikes!

                              2. Bought a flat of fantastiic strawberries at North SLM. Froze them and they are now smoothilicious!

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                                  Hi justsayn - I know your post is from last year but would you or anyone else know about how much you paid for a flat? How many is in a flat?


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                                    I do not recall - sorry. Wanna say $25 - I remember them being a bit on the high side. But they were fantastic.

                                    I was just in cote de boeuf on ossington and saw flats. I didn't inquire. Their number is 647 764 5471.

                                    BTW - I did grab a pecan pie which is very well received! The pulled pork sandwich is very good too!

                                    1. re: red dragon

                                      Paid $30 last weekend.
                                      They were good, not great.

                                      Metro Hall had amazing ones.

                                  2. I bought a quart of local strawberries for $6 at the Riverdale Market on Tuesday. They were the sweetest best tasting I have ever had. Costco sells conventional strawberries for less than 1/2 the price but I'd rather eat these and pay way more.

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                                      It's been many years since I've had local strawberries as good as this year. I think that the weather conditions (hot, sunny and not too wet) have been ideal, and there's been a bumper crop. The ones I've had so far have been far better than the imported ones (that are often cheaper).

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                                        Willowtree market at Port Perry has excellent ones. They will have them right through until Sept. I love that place.The people are so nice and their stuff is so good.

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                                          I also like that many of the local ones, if you talk to the farmers, are not necessarily organic 'certified' but use organic farming methods. The certification costs money and is a bit of work is the reason they give that they don't get certified.

                                          1. re: Flexitarian

                                            There should be a category for stuff that is farmed without pesticides but doesn't meet the full organic standard. I think in order to call it organic the land must have been free of pesticide use for something like 10 years. Strawberries are one of the worst for pesticide residue so it would be nice to encourage farmers to stop using them even if they weren't prepared to go for the full organic certification.

                                      2. I picked some Ontario Strawberries up at Longo's yesterday. Not sure of the price but was less than $5 if I recall correctly.

                                        1. I have seen and eaten many varieties of Strawberries in my life time from, Japan, Europe and all the way to the North American west coast.
                                          However, yesterday, I encountered and picked a 'wild?' varietal from my friend's front yard in Thornhill that was so unique in size, taste and aroma, it was a big and welcoming surprise!
                                          These 'smaller than raspberry' size varietal were fully red when I picked them, They tasted borderline sweet but the aroma was very unique and mesmerizing. Reminding me of some commercial 'handwashing liquid soap'!! - but in a good way!
                                          Should have taken photo of them before eaten them all with sugar and cream!! Shucks!!
                                          Any fellow chowhounders encountered similar 'fresh' berries in the GTA??! I noticed very similar Georgian 'frozen' version from 'Yummy Market'. Sold in vacuum plastic bags, their price is a whopping $24+ per pound!!!!

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                                            Went to Yummy Market yesterday! FYI, they sold out the 'small size' Georgian/Ukranian wild strawberries! Sigh!! Must be good!!!

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                                              Wild strawberries are the best! I've never seen them sold commercially. Which is a pity. (I used to get them in the wild when we'd go for nature walks...)

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                                                Wild field strawberries are the one thing from my childhood that are still "tatooed in my brain".. These tiny, little wild strawberries we used to pick near my grandmas house in Thunder Bay, were so small and just exploding with intense concentrated flavor and aroma.. To this day I have found nothing even close to this! They are unbelievable

                                                There's an old Toronto Star article from a couple years back comparing the best strawberry jams and there's a place in Toronto that makes a jam out of them, but it sells for something like $40 a small jar. Would love to try those

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                                                  Where else, but Thuet? Doesn't sound like Pataki liked it, but what else is new? YMMV

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                                                  Yeah I got some wild strawberries from a small grocer in Montreal two summers ago that I think about to this day. I'd never had a berry so good, even homegrown, and I haven't since

                                              2. I have to say that the local Niagara strawberries have been wickedly good this year. Been eating them pretty much nonstop for the last few weeks. A quart sells for $3.99 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

                                                1. I'm in port Elgin right now and the hi berry farms strawberries are awesome. Mini firefly and I may be getting a rash we've eaten so many!!!

                                                  1. They're a bit late this year and pricier than last season's. Got some OK local larger variety from Highland Farms this week and some nicer small type berries from the mostly-awful Square 1 farmers' market yesterday. $5/basket seems to be the going rate-- a couple of bucks over 2012.

                                                    1. There were tons at the Loblaws on Dupont near Bathurst today.

                                                      1. Anyone been picking yet this year? I want to go tomorrow morning but am wondering how sweet they are and f the picking is good.

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                                                          1. re: cheesymama

                                                            I picked twice this past week, once yesterday and once on Monday, at Lennox Farm near Shelburne. The strawberries were delicious!


                                                            1. re: cheesymama

                                                              I went this morning - already 2 batches of jam cooling on my counter! The berries were sweet but mostly on the small side. Picking was okay, not terrible but definitely not great. We went to Whittamore's, their raspberry picking starts tomorrow and they also have beans, peas and new potatoes for picking.

                                                              1. re: cheesymama

                                                                I've been picking near Campbellford several times during the past couple of weeks. The berries are the best I've had in a long time, smaller than California cardboard berries, but the flavour is intense and sweet.

                                                              2. Apple Factory has local strawberries now, spotted them in-store yesterday

                                                                1. Got some very nice berries at the Hamilton Farmers' market this a.m. Smallish, intensely-flavored type I prefer to the larger varieties.

                                                                  1. if anyone is still looking for u-pick berries, we just picked up a basket from linton family farms, just north of columbus on raglan road east (north of oshawa, just east of simcoe st)

                                                                    the berries are gorgeous and ridiculously delicious.

                                                                    1. Has anyone spotted Ontario field berries lately - already picked? I'm hoping to make a batch of jam this weekend. I hope I'm not too late!

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                                                                        Best berries in July will be in Eastern Ontario or Quebec.
                                                                        Locally, I would try Highland Farms for a quantity sale.