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Jun 11, 2012 07:39 AM

Need help concocting coconut syrup for snow cones

My husband got us a snow cone maker yesterday and we want to make a coconut syrup for it. We are going back and forth between trying something involving either coconut milk or cream of coconut. I'd rather not waste money on trial and error and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thank you!

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    1. re: todao

      Thank you but that recipe was a bit confusing. It refers to coconut cream and milk and I'm not sure which one the poster actually intended.

      1. re: nyfoodie718

        I see that it's apparently a typo in the recipe, but I'd ignore the coconut "cream" portion and simply use a good grade of canned coconut milk. In the long run, whatever approach you decide to follow, it will be a "trial and error" process to some degree. This one looks to be worth the effort.

    2. Would Coco Lopez work? It's coconut cream with cane sugar.

      1. IME coconut milk on it's own needs a flavor boost from coconut extract or something to be coconutty enough in that circumstance, plus lots of sugar, of course. Cream of coconut would basically be ready to go if you thinned it out with something, as it's already really coconutty and mostly sugar, but I just looked at the label and it's got tons of weird stuff in it which in my book would be an argument for not using it.
        I would melt sugar to taste into a can of coconut milk and a pinch of salt. Add extract to boost the flavor once it's off heat, if need be. It also might do well with just a tiny hit of lemon or lime juice.
        Or, similar to what the linked recipe instructs, make an infusion with fresh coconut and it's water and sweeten. Or what about those coconut water drinks you can buy now? I've never looked at what's in those, but I presume they'd need to be reduced somewhat.