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Jun 11, 2012 07:32 AM

Double Wall Ovens, Electric and Convection- Experiences and Advice Welcome!

I am getting my kitchen redone and all appliances are being replaced. I am satisfied with all of my decisions except the wall ovens, where I'm dithering back and forth between the GE Cafe and the KitchenAid Architect 30 inch convection ovens.
I have seen positive feedback about the KitchenAid (except one complaint of a loud cooling fan), but virtually nothing about the GE Cafe, and I'm wondering why.
Both ovens are in the upper 2K-3K range, and I really do not want to spend any more. That's the ceiling for me.
I like the look of the GE as the handles would match the refrigerator I've picked. I like the KitchenAid's full glass, top to bottom windows. Both control panels seem neat and functional without being fussy (no "pizza and popcorn" settings). Both interiors are about the same with convection, a sliding rack and hidden heat elements (not the broilers).

Also, just fyi, I'm considering a Frigidaire Gallery and Professional which will save several hundred dollars.

I need to come up with a decision soon so any input would be helpful.
Are there brands in this price range that I should consider?
I want:
double electric ovens
30 inches
I'd like a probe
convection in at least one of the ovens
sliding racks are nice
no twee settings for popcorn and pizza!

Thanks you!

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  1. Have you considered Electrolux? Both ovens are convection. Check out the gardenweb appliance forum for many opinions.
    The search is at the bottom of the page.

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    1. re: wekick

      I've started to look at Electrolux and they seem impressive. Price is right up there, at $2999. There's a showroom near me that has it on the floor, so I'm going to take a look at it.
      I love the display and the whole unit looks neat. Gets good reviews too.

        1. re: wekick

          They've got some pretty serious discounts. I'm a little leery of refurbished items. I am looking at a local appliance dealer's "open box" appliances though. No scratch or dents.

          1. re: monavano

            We bought a couple of items a few years ago open box with full warranty and extended warranty. Both items went south and on one we were told soda had spilled in it and the warranty was voided and they had some excuse about the other item. We knew we had not spilled soda in it so if the box is unsealed you don't know what has happened to i that may void the warranty.

            1. re: wekick

              That's scary. I'm considering getting the 30 inch KitchenAid double convection Architect II as an open box item at a pretty decent discount, which has me tempted. Hmm....
              I'd love to save $$, but your story gives me pause. I know that if I buy the ovens, I can refuse it at delivery if I see anything I don't like. Supposedly, these open box items were refused at delivery for whatever reason.

    2. We've redone a couple of kitchens and used the KitchenAids and have been pretty happy with them. Only caveat: the temp probes go out pretty quickly. But when they work they're great.

      I'd buy them again.

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      1. re: acgold7

        Thanks. The KA was edging out the GE, so your input helps.
        I wonder if the probes are a weak point in general...

        1. re: acgold7

          I had a Kitchenaide Convection single oven installed in my previous house when it was built. I used it for about 10 years without complaint and many raves.

          It really cooked nice and I never really had any issue with the temperature probe. If the oven was dirty, sometimes the socket for the probe in the wall of the oven would need to be cleaned (or self cleaned ;-)

        2. I have Frigidaire Professional double ovens, and while both are convection ovens and they did save me money, I wouldn't recommend them.

          They cook unevenly. If I put two trays of cookies in, for instance, the one on the lower rack will always cook faster than the one on the upper rack, and the cookies on the left front of the lower rack tend to burn.

          Also, the way the rack supports are configured, there is no way you can place a rack in the center of the oven.

          Another gripe about the racks is that they do not extend fully out of the oven, and even as far as they do pull out, they are wobbly.

          What the ovens are fine for is basic braising or roasting involving one rack. The self-clean feature also works well, even on the "quick" setting.

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          1. re: bitchincook

            Thank you. I was a bit concerned that I would be sacrificing performance for savings. I'm really looking forward to NOT rotating cookies etc. with a new oven!

          2. I bought Bosch 30" double wall ovens about 3 years ago. They're both convection and they came with a probe and one roll-out shelf. While they work pretty much okay (although they do lie to me when they beep to tell me they're heated to a specified temp), what I hate about them is the touchpad control panel. I wish I'd thought of asking to try the controls before buying. They're temperamental and so confusing, especially when I'm using both ovens and one needs to be turned on and/or off before the other. Also, it's so over-engineered with settings that I (and probably most other people) will never use. I'm mentioning this just to let you know there's more to consider than just the obvious features.

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            1. re: CindyJ

              It's amazing how little showrooms are geared towards actually having you try the appliances. It's like, I'm really hoping that I like the way they work, vs. just how they look and sound on paper.