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Jun 11, 2012 05:32 AM

Birthday dinner in berlin?

Hi all

I was thinking of trying either vau or hartmanns for a birthday celebration for 2. Any strong preferences?

I was also thinking of reinhof (?) but it seems quite a bit more expensive.


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  1. Kinda depends on what your budget is. I think Hartmanns may well be on the same level as Reinstoff, whereas Vau might be a bit "cheaper".

    Have you looked into Horvath, ETA Hoffmann, Dos Pallilos, Weinbar Rutz?

    Those are all very valid options. Noi Quattro for fabulous Italian, or Tim Raue for (very) expensive Asian-inflected cuisine.

    1. All restaurants suggested are top class, the best and very fitting. I would go to Vau because they have no music and you could talk quietly, maybe even sit in the small inner court yard. Reinstoff is more conspicuous and showing off technique. Vau is feel good food.
      Just to add to your embarrassment of richness - why not consider Die Spindel as well.

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        Die Spindel is quite the haul if the OP is staying somewhere in the city center, but I have to admit the menu looks good.