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Jun 11, 2012 05:26 AM

Manhattan for three days - questions

Managed to squeeze in a long weekend in Manhattan for the first time in a few years. Staying in Midtown, coming in from outside the country.

One of the things I would like to do is try some of the food trucks that I see on Cooking Channel. Which ones would people recommend?

Breakfast - I am staying in a hotel, but want to get out and try different places for breakfast. Any particularly well-liked places that members would suggest?

Kicthen supply stores. If I want to stock up on a whole range of decent stuff, where should I go?

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  1. I'm not familiar with which food trucks have been on TV but you might want to start with looking at the Vendy Awards, which highlights the best street vendors each year. Guys who've been hustling on the same street corner for years in addition to the nouveau, gourmet roving trucks are featured.

    For weekend brunch, no reservations taken:
    Clinton St Baking Co - get there 30-45 min before opening to avoid a line
    Prune - get there 30-45 min before opening to avoid a line
    The Breslin
    Joseph Leonard
    Spotted Pig

    The waits can be long at these but Clinton St and Prune have the worst ones.

    Takes reservations:
    Minetta Tavern
    Locanda Verde
    North End Grill
    Union Sq Cafe

    Best weekday breakfast:

    Best weekend brunch:

    For kitchen supply stores, head to the Bowery. Go on Saturday, not Sunday. Many are closed Sundays. And don't go too late in the afternoon, as some start closing up at 5pm IIRC.

    1. To each his own but you are coming here for food trucks?

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        No, I am coming to Manhattan for three days.

      2. This website is a good aggregate for NYC food trucks:

        Some of the better known ones are: (the lamb burger is their signature
        ) (they have storefront too -- easier to just go there
        ) (I'm indifferent about this truck, but they always seem to be winning audience choice type of awards

        Keep in mind that on weekends a lot of the trucks are at fairs.

        If you want a simple but classic NYC breakfast, how about Murray's Bagel's:

        With kitchen supplies, if you buy anything that's a liquid, remember that the 3oz rule applies to it -- you cannot bring it in your carry-on bag. I only mention this because I see people -- presumably tourists -- try to bring jams and oils on the plane all the time at the airport.

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          Coolhaus is awesome for ice cream sandwiches too.

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            Yeah, but they're not quite as unique. I think they're actually hurting their brand by franchising so much, but I guess they feel they have no choice because so many other people are getting into the ice cream sandwich truck business.

        2. The falafel king on 53rd and park is a legend. Best falafel around and a sandwich is only $4. Must give it a try

          1. I work in midtown and tried various food trucks...never visited any of them more than once. Just not worth the wait and trouble...especially if you are visiting nyc. There are so many great food options in NYC.