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Jun 10, 2012 09:15 PM

Seattle recomendations please (researched)!!


4 of us will be in Seattle around July 4th. We'll have a car and a big appetite :) Based on what I've read on the board, I've narrowed it down to a few choices and would appreciate some advice on the same. I also have a few questions.
One of us is a vegetarian and the other 3 eat everything. Since, a few of us are from NYC, we can probably skip Italian so I do not have Spinasse on my list.

- Late night dinner (12:00'ish): Ba Bar or Coterie Room (according to Yelp, this closes at 12 so I'll be cutting it close). I would love to do Quinns but vegetarian options seem to be a problem here

- Lunch: Revel
- Dinner: Walrus and Carpenter: 2 questions for this,
a) These are small plates so is it recommended that we have dinner here or should we get some drinks, oysters and some small plates here and then go somewhere after this?
b) I need some place quick and close by for my vegetarian friend. I've read enough about this place that I do not want to skip it!

- Late Dinner (10:30'ish): If I can somehow make it to Shiros by 10:15, then that (I would have loved to go to Sushi Kappo Tamura but it closes at 9:30). If we do end up here, I'll need a backup for my vegetarian friend. I was thinking maybe Spur? If we do not make it, then either Ba Bar or Coterie Room, whichever we do not go to on Tuesday. Quinns will still have the veggie problem

We're driving to Portland so something quick in the morning and also something not too heavy so that we can start chowing in Portland as soon as we get there :)

I definitely need to fit in Besalu and Cannon somewhere. Some other places that I would love to go to are,
1. Paseo
2. Crumble and Flake
3. Pike Place Chowder
4. Full Tilt
5. Vivace (Espresso)
6. Victrola

Would it be possible for me to do some of these in the middle of Revel and Walrus & Carpenter on Wednesday? The other time that I think I'll have is Friday morning before Portland.

Thank you very much!!

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  1. I'm not vegetarian so I have no ideas for those needs. Here are some thoughts on the others.

    I would do Ba Bar on Friday night. I think it has a better late night vibe than Coterie Room. You could use Coterie Room as your back up for Shiro's on Thursday. Or, maybe even better yet, go to Canon Friday night. Even though they are a bar, their food is great and pretty substantial.

    You could absolutely go to Walrus & Carpenter early for small plates and then go elsewhere for dinner.

    I would stop at Crumble & Flake on the way to Portland on Friday.

    The sandwiches at Paseo are huge. Unless the three meat eaters share one, they're much more than a snack.

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    1. re: Lauren

      Thanks Lauren! Actually, we'll be leaving for Portland on Friday morning. That is the reason I had Ba Bar for Tuesday dinner and Coterie Room as a backup for Shiro's for Thursday dinner. Since you mentioned that Cannon has decent food, can that act a backup for Shiro's instead?Also, would you happen to have a recommendation for a good place to go to after Walrus & Carpenter for finishing up dinner on Wednesday?

      1. re: indiefoodie

        Do you *want* to go somewhere else? Because I've never had a problem making a full meal at W&C.

        1. re: sweetpotater

          We'd need to for the veggie friend :) It doesn't have to be totally vegetarian, just a place with some veggie options would be good. Both, W&C and Quinns do not seem to have any.

          1. re: indiefoodie

            There are usually a small handful of veggie options on the W & C menu as well as cheeses (unless they're vegan)...but yeah, whether it's enough to make a meal I don't know. I definitely think W & C is a "don't miss" spot, though.

        2. re: indiefoodie

          Oops, sorry. I meant go to Ba Bar on Tuesday night. Sorry 'bout that.

          Do you mean having Canon as a back up because of time or for your vegetarian friend? I don't know the menu that well but I don't recall the menu there being that veg friendly.

      2. Suggestions for your vegetarian friend: While in Ballard, Jhanjay for seriously delicious vegetarian Thai. While on Capitol Hill, vegan food at Plum Bistro.