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Jun 10, 2012 08:52 PM

open Sundays Hyde Park- U Chicago area any good eats?

What's open Sundays in Hyde Park - U Chicago area that is any good?

We'll be at Robie House for early tour at 58th & S Woodlawn on Sunday June 17. Need to eat lunch (before walking across campus to DuSable museum at 57th & S Cottage Grove). I looked around there, and seems like some greasy heavy stuff or pizza joints. I saw a Korean place but closed Sun.

Wouldn't mind walking up to 30 min from Robie House (which could include short bus/tram ride) for something special. We are adventurous eaters but I assume nothing in that area, so just good quality is key. Doesn't have to be fancy, moderate price is best. Is there a good Sunday brunch without an hourlong wait somewhere, or where we could make reservation for 2 ? But does not need to be brunch, lunch is good too.

Should I assume any of the cafes listed on google maps as being in the Univ bldgs are closed Sundays?
Appreciate any help! I've gotten good advice on the rest of our trip from existing posts already, so hopeful...

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  1. I would say Z&H sandwiches on 57th st is the tastiest spot nearby, and it's open Sundays. They have excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches, good coffee, outdoor seating on the sidewalk or a back patio. Tasty prosciutto and jamon serano, good croissant sandwiches, a great goat cheese and raisin veg sandwich , etc. They also serve soups and other specials. A cute, hip cafe, and just around the corner from Robie.

    1. They can be hit and miss, but I've had decent restaurant lunches (primarily the pasta) at Piccolo Mondo, close to the museum and near the lake, and they seem to be open for lunch on Sundays:

      But no matter where you go be sure to call in advance, since around the university during the summer, establishments do on occasion close, and I would definitely not count on any of the cafes in university buildings being open on Sunday. As mentioned above Z & H is a good choice, particularly if you want just a sandwich, and the Medici next door can (when motivated) put together some very fresh and reasonable breakfasts and lunches: