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Jun 10, 2012 08:09 PM

HK - Liberty Private works


Coming to HK this week, and meeting my brother for one supper. We are both in town for work seperately and have a reservation at Liberty Private works this wednesday. Anyone's been lately? Any thoughts?

Our other choice was YardBird, but not crazy about no reservation policy. If we end up deciding to go there, will 6 pm be safe to try?

We went to Bo innovation a couple of years ago, and loved it. Was tempted to go back, but thought we should try something new.

Heard great things about Liberty, but it's not set in stone. Any similar suggestions if any?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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  1. About four weeks ago I went to Yardbird.

    It was a Saturday. We were a group of five. We put our name down at 6pm and waited next door for our call - it was 8:15pm by the time we were seated.

    Your situation is different (two people on a Wed), and I've previously been on a weeknight with one person and not had to wait long though ate at the bar (which was fine by me). Love the food, love the service. Love the Old Fashioned with hand-chipped ice ball. Hate the wait for table.

    1. I ate at LPW a couple of years ago and loved it. I have tried to go again twice and they have lost my reservation both times. I have also read this happening to some others so please check the reservation and remember who took your reservation.

      1. Dear Jaetee,

        I saw your post and had to i signed up to just to tell you.

        I vote for yardbird!
        I recently moved back to HK and have been to yardbird 3 times in the last two's my new favorite restaurant. the drinks are great. and for food, I highly recommend the Korean fried cauliflower, Liver Mousse Milk Bread, and Meatball egg yolk! All the staff are all super knowledgeable and they are the sweetest!! Abu has always been my waiter and he is charming. He speaks fluent canto! actually everyone who looks like they don't - all speak canto!

        6pm would be totally fine! I promise! Sit upstairs by the bar (it's also free seating/no reservations if you end up going later) I was just there this past Friday and can't wait till I go again!

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          If you're gonna start listing their good dishes, I have to add:

          - Tempura corn ball (so light but so tasty)
          - Chicken oyster-meat yakatori (my favourite part of the chicken .. grilled .. and served on a stick!!)
          - Cocktails really great but if you're in mood for sake, the house Yardbird is nice and smooth, a junmai I think

        2. Thanks for everyone's quick response!

          Glad I was able to get a new member to join! - ChowisChow! ; )

          PTG - funny you brought up the reservation situation. They sent me an e-mail last night that they had to cancel my reservation this wednesday. Some Kitchen problem they have to fix? But I am only there for 1 night this week, and have 1 more night next week. Asked them to check next week for me.

          It works out I guess. Now I get to go to Yardbird and try all these dishes you guys are raving about! ; )

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          1. re: Jaetee

            It will be good to hear a report in LPW. Last one I read is about 12 months old and it concluded it was expensive for what it is. It is on my "maybe" list so need other reports.