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Do you have fish-shaped soy sauce at your local Sushi shop?

Hi, I'm wondering if countries outside of Australia and Asia have these little fish-shaped soy sauce containers? I'm presently doing an illustration of a Makizushi (Sushi Roll) holding one of them for a product that may be sold in USA, Europe and other regions. I can't really include the said container unless it's internationally recognisable. Any comments would be most helpful.
Thank you,

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  1. Check Amazon and eBay. I've found them many places online, do a Google search for them. You'll probably get enough hits to find your life's dream where it comes to Japanese wonderful accessories.

    1. I'm in the US and I've never seen soy sauce in that container before. It's usually in a clear bottle with the manufacturer's info stamped on it like my photo, or in some variation of a little ceramic pot.

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        mostly for to go you see the ketchup packet style, but I have seen those around. Most sushi bars have the style gmm pictures above.

      2. The household supply section of small Japanese grocery stores (I am in Southern California) sell a three pack of those fish shape containers- empty. There is a small funnel also in the package. I assume you fill the container and carry with your lunch.

        Have never seen any filled ones sold or available at sushi shops or to-go counters.

        1. I'm in the US (northern California, to be exact), and the only time I've seen those is in Japan.

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            I'm also in the Bay Area and have purchased them (empty) at Daiso in Cupertino, near Marukai. They're in a section that includes lots of bento supplies.

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              Yeah, I should have been more specific in my response. I have never seen those in commercial application (that is, restaurant/food stall take out) outside of Japan. I have seen them in stores (empty).

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                I remember seeing these when I was a little kid, but I don't remember where. I use to live in Hong Kong, and they weren't there. (to go sushi and 30C heat doesn't mix anyway.) I live in the SF Bay Area now, and here we have the ketchup packet copycats.

                Maybe it was on the East Coast, or on United Airlines.

          2. In the UK, they always seem to accompany sushi sold in supermarkets, so I assume they're pretty well recognised here (at least in the context of folk who buy sushi in supermarkets)

            1. I've never seen it in Pennsylvania.

              1. Have never seen them here in VA - in restaurants or supermarkets or Asian markets.

                But darn that is cute!!!!

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                  I was so enamored, I did a brief websearch & did find a link for a company that sells them:


                  (While searching for the above, there was also a site selling - ahem - "phallic-shaped" soy sauce dispensers, for anyone here with the eccentricity to want to use something like that at their next sushi party - lol! But you're going to have to search for that on your own. I'M not providing the link - lol!!!!)

                2. We have them widely available in the Seattle area, but then again, we also have a large Japanese population. I saw them just the other day at our university bookstore in the doodad and novelties section. They are not generally distributed by sushi restaurants filled with soy sauce though-- just empty for filling at home.

                  1. Never seen them in the US, so I am afraid that they probably would not be recognizable in your video. I also imagine people would focus on the cute container instead of your presentation, which would be a shame.

                    1. I've seen them in Australia, but mostly in the U.S. soy sauce somes in little packets. Shame -- the fishies are neater and much cuter! :)

                      I do think they're available in some areas in the U.S. -- I recall seeing an American bento blog that recommended saving them to use in your bento lunches.

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                      1. The fish are cute, and standard here.
                        I used to do arty things with them (think coloured water, mobiles...)
                        No splurting soy! What we do have that sucks, is the chewing gum-like wad of. dry 'wasabi'.

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                          Thank you everyone for your comments. As you all realised (and I forgot to mention) I was talking about pre-filled take-away containers. I can't remember NOT getting them with Sushi in Australia. They are pretty much the best thing ever. Seems like I'll have to think of a work-around for my illustration. I'd be interested to hear if anyone's seen them in Europe too...?

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                            They have them in the UK, many of the sushi chains will give them away with their boxed sushi. Not sure about the continent though.

                            Also in NZ they are common.

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                              Yes, as my post upthread on 11/6, we have them in the United Kingdom part of Europe.

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                                You might consider using one that's shaped like a little bottle, or just a rectangular block. It would be less distracting for people who haven't seen this sort of container before. Shame about the cute factor, though!


                            2. They were pretty common in Hawaii when I was a kid, but I haven't seen them on the mainland US. The Kikkoman foil packets are more common here.

                              1. North East US (New Jersey) I have never seen those before in my life.