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Jun 10, 2012 08:01 PM

Fresh Organics SWFL Co-Op

I just stumbled upon this while Googling for organics meats in Fort Myers. Has anyone ever ordered from here before, especially the meats?

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  1. Never heard of them, but Ft Myers is a little out of my "area of operation", but it sounds good, I assume in summer, they bring the produce in from other areas of the country. I have found several good sources for organic eggs, poultry, farmstead, (cheese, butter cottage cheese and fresh milk), in Eastern Sarasota and Manatee counties.

    1. I have tried almost all of the services in Lee and Collier county. I like Worden Farms the best for fresh produce but they are seasonal only. I have bought produce from Fresh Organics but have not done any meat.

      Their order form doesn't indicated a big selection of meat.

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        Maybe there are 2 order forms? One for produce and one for meat? This is what I saw on their web site.

        Was trying to figure out if the meats come frozen.

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          I've ordered from Florida Fresh Beef before. Fresh Organics must handle their orders for them for a cut. I did not like the service and didn't order again. I think it was a groupon last year. Everything was frozen, I imagine that would be the only way to do it with the limited distribution in this part of the state. There are two or three grass fed beef ranches in Lee County in the Buckingham area but I haven't explored them. One is next to Rabbit Run farm, a hydroponic veggie place that sells in certain farmer's markets and to better restaurants.

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            We like Worden Farm too; even bought a "Market Share" this past season. As far as locally produced meats and poultry go; most are frozen, there is little chance of getting it fresh unless you are very close to the grower. Wingate Farms in Manatee County have grass fed and finished Black Angus, it is very good but quite pricey. I do better with local "backyard" farmers who are passionate about what they produce, they are looking to offset some of their expenses in growing animals for their own use and thus are not so high priced. I have found in many cases the quality of the product is superior and they use clean, humane methods to raise the animals; the slaughtering is handled by a licensed independent processing butcher.

            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              LMF - Thanks for the info. I love Rabbit Run farm. I live very close to there and go every Saturday. Their arugula is the best!