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Odd pancake request

Does anyone know of a good place that serves pancakes by the tall stack? Not looking for those large as your plate pancakes, but smaller size in a tall -- at least 5-6 pancake high -- stack.

SF location ideal; willing to drive especially if it's somewhere along the coast.


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  1. Sears on Union Square. Get the lingonberries and the maple syrup. Doesn't get a lot of love on CH, but it's been a fave of mine for 50 years.

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      I love Sears for the swedish pancakes, but we're looking for a traditional fluffy pancake in a thick stack.

    2. You might find the pancakes you want at "The Original Pancake House" which has several Bay Area locations. We like the variety and friendly service in the Los Altos branch and I assume all branches are similar. I'm confident that they would make your stack as tall as you wish.


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          Stacks and Kate's tend to be those plate size-ers the op wanted to avoid. If you can stand the wait or want to get there early I'd go to Dottie's. Dottie's tend to be about hand-size in diameter and I've never had a problem with ordering 1 or 5, just make it clear to the server when you order. Good Luck and let us know, I love pancakes!

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            Not What the OP Ordered: My fave is the plate-sized banana walnut pancake at John's Ocean Beach Cafe on Sloat across from the SF Zoo or the Denis Leary big pancake at Canteen on the weekend brunch menu. Plow has lemon ricotta pancakes.

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            for best value, go to The Cypress Grill for the buttermilk pancakes - at the Harding Park Golf Course clubhouse
            Mon-Sun 8 am - 6 pm

          3. My favorite pancakes are at Chloe's out in Noe. They don't usually do a 5-6 stack, but I'm sure they could if asked.


            1. IHOP was built on pancakes. They have a wide variety, and will probably stack them as high as you want.

              1. It's Tops on Market can probably do those.

                1. Thanks for all the ideas! we had it's tops on the list, and looks like now we'll add Joe's.

                  I think Stacks is too fancy (in style, that is). And some day we'll go past Dottie's when there isn't a line around the block. Same with Chloe's (we always are in that neighborhood when it's packed). But good to know both of those are good pancake options.

                  Has anyone tried Little Griddle?

                  (btw, I do love the pancakes at Plow and the pancake at Canteen. Just different than this request.

                  1. Noticed this sidewalk sign outside La Scene on Geary promoting a daily pancake special. According to the menu, a stack is three, but maybe that's negotiable. Anyway, was wondering if anyone has tried pancakes here.