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Jun 10, 2012 06:50 PM

low-fat option other than applesauce?


I'm a fan of subbing applesauce for oil when appropriate to reduce saturated fats and calories in my baked goods. I just found out my daughter is allergic to apples! Is there anything else that might sub for oil to reduce the fat?
I've considered pumpkin, but that has such a unique flavor to me that I don't know if it would work for our daily bread.

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  1. It really depends on what you're trying to make, but a few options...
    Bananas can work in some recipes, as can other fruit purees (pear, peach, etc.). depending on your recipe and flavor profile. Pureed prunes or yogurt also work, again depending on the recipe. Do you have specific recipes in mind?

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      She's also intolerant of barley (all-purpose flour) and yeast, so I'm baking our own bread for breakfast and lunch. Yeast free breads tend to be really dense so I'm using a lot of olive oil for moisture.
      Banana or other fruits would be great for our breakfast bread!
      I try to go more savory for lunch time. Yogurt sounds like a great addition!
      We don't do sweets all that often. The next family birthday is in September, so I'm okay on cake recipes for now.

      I'll play around with our more frequent recipes and let you know what tastes best :)

    2. Is she allergic both to cooked and raw apples?

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      1. re: sr44

        Yes, to my knowledge it's both. We've been instructed for complete avoidance for 6 months and then try adding back in small amount of apple to see how she responds. So for now at least, all apple and apple-byproducts.

      2. i have a yeast allergy as well, and personally can't do any fermented foods, so this suggestion may be not helpful either, but Tofu is a good option. sub in for about half to avoid any tofu-y flavor.

        agree with the plain yogurt as well (esp greek) or yogurt cheese.

        other thoughts:
        pureed potato -- preferably new potatoes or yukon golds over russets
        pureed sweet potato/yam
        low-fat cottage cheese -- about half the fat replacer
        low-fat buttermilk
        pureed zucchini
        pureed cauliflower (its really mild i swear)

        or kill two birds --- back off of whatever sweetener you're using, and sub in some
        maple syrup

        good luck!

        1. I have used 0% greek yogurt with great results in baked goods. Good luck!