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Jun 10, 2012 06:08 PM

Best places to get dinner in London for under £50 a person

I will be staying in London for 4 days next week and am looking for the best places to have dinner. For one of the days I would like something a bit more upscale, so around £40-50 per person, and for the remaining days something more moderate (£25-40). I would really appreciate your recommendations!

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  1. More info pls. E.g. Where are you staying? Are you on your own? Where are you coming from? Do your price points include wine? Etc. etc.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      I am coming from San Francisco with my family of 5 and am staying near South Kensington, although I would appreciate recommendations in other touristy areas of the city as well. It's fine if the price does not include wine. Thanks!

      1. re: dimkasmir

        Right in South Ken La Bouchee is pretty good:

        And if you don't go mad then The Bombay Brassserie should be within budget:

        I think that in general we might struggle to match SF's Asian or Italian offerings.

    2. For £50 a head you have a lot of really good mid priced options. I wouldn't neccesarily just stick to South Ken - you are within reach of anywhere in central london.

      Can you give some more detail on what kind of food/ambience you are after? Are there any children in the group? Its worth having a browse over the boards as there are a lot of places to choose from...

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      1. re: mjgauer

        I would prefer French, English, or maybe Mediterranean or Italian food. So generally anything. European; not Indian, Asian, South American... Ambience does not matter too much, although nothing too casual. There is one 17 y/o in the group, but that won't be an issue. Thank you!

        1. re: dimkasmir

          err india is very much asia. south asia to be precise.

          1. re: howler

            I realize... I'm just clarifying that I'm not looking for Asian (including India), South American, etc.

          2. re: dimkasmir

            Maybe you'd like to try some good Lebanese food. Some of us are fond of a place called Ishbilia. The food is very nice. It's near Harrod's and easy to get to. If you like French, I'm very fond of Bistrot Bruno Loubet. The food is excellent and reminded me a bit of the SF place near Chinatown's gate downtown. I can't remember the name offhand, but maybe you know it.

        2. The Great Queen Street restaurant (30-32 Great Queen Street, Soho) has been recommended here and elsewhere in the past. I had dinner there for the 1st time Saturday and enjoyed it very much. Most of the entrees are between 10 & 20 pounds and the starters are 5 to 10 pounds.

          The menu is relatively small and changes often. The food is "modern British" with a bit of a Mediterranean influence.

          They also offer 3 or 4 red and white wines in a 375ml. carafe, which is nice when you don't want to take on a full bottle of wine.

          The bill for 2 entrees, 2 starters and a 375ml. carafe of a nice red wine was just over 50 pounds and the food was very good.

          1. Bistro Bruno Loubet in Clerkenwell is wonderful and will easily fit your budget.

            1. For italian food i would recommend Zucca,in Bermondsey St.I am surprised that it has not been mentioned.