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Jun 10, 2012 05:25 PM

Forest Park?

Hi, I am likely moving to Forest Park, west of Chicago. Any suggestions for good food, good local bars, and in particular, good places to drink craft beer?


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  1. There aren't many places to drink craft beer in FP. The best bars are probably Duckfat or Molly Malone's on Madison but they are pretty mass market as far as beers. If you want craft, go to Poor Phil's in Oak Park. They have a nice selection of microbrews.

    1. Kinderhook Tap in Oak Park features many microbrews. Here is their current list

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        Thanks, both suggestions sound great.

      2. Plenty of decent food.
        Your first meal should be at Gaetano's
        Second should be Yum Thai, ask for the yellow menu.

        1. Poor Phil's is a good choice. Within a block or two of PP is Marion Street Cheese Market. Good food and craft beer and Lake Street Kitchen and Bar. Beer at Kinderhook is good but the food is terrible.