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Jun 10, 2012 05:21 PM

Where to find great sea scallops? Preferably near White Marsh!

I need some fresh sea scallops for a dish I'm making for father's day. Any recommendations? I'm not necessarily opposed to just going to the grocery store, but I'm not sure what sort of quality to expect there.

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  1. Whole Foods or Costco most likely previously frozen just like shrimp

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      whole foods at harbor east usually has fresh (not previously frozen) scallops - last time I was there there were advertised as being from Ocean City MD. Each time I've seen them in Costco they've been previously frozen. Sometimes, my local Harris Teeter in Locust Point has good fresh ones although be careful about which day you go in. I talked to the fish guy and he said most things come in on Wednesdays....

    2. You might call your local Trader Joes to see if they have scallops in stock. These would be frozen, but they will thaw in 1 day in the fridge. The nice thing about TJ's scallops is that they do not contain any plumping additives.

      1. Wegman's in Hunt Valley usually has very good fresh scallops.

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          The term fresh in seafood is loosely used to mean frozen fresh and thawed at the store. Most scallops like shrimp arrive at stores frozen and are rethawed for display with the exception of scallops still whole in the shell.

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            I have had excellent scallops from Wegman's that I believe were "fresh" rather than "previously frozen".

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                No. They were labled fresh "day boat". Technically fresh means never frozen although many fish counters misslabel or fail to label their product.