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Jun 10, 2012 05:20 PM

Sherbourne - Hidden Gem May be Running out of Time

Finally made it to Sherborne. Very cool. Hard to find. No sign behind Jerry's Deli in what used to be part of Jerry's and now has been turned into a covered patio that seats about 75. Think Everleigh but a tad less done. In any event, small pates and good menu all done pretty well. Unfortunately, there is a tie to Jerry's (the owner's son owns Sherborne) and the check comes reading Jerry's. Personally, that did not detract from what was for me a very nice meal and space. However, it is a marketing nightmare, as Jerry's is certainly as far from fine dining (or edible dining) as you can get and not having its own identity is certainly tainting Sherbourne. It was not full at 9 pm on Sat. Spoke to the chef and the staff and all lemented the tie to Jerry's. Its hidden in the true sense, but worth a visit. Would like to know what other people think?

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  1. I had dinner there a few months ago with a few girl friends on a Saturday night. The place is pretty. I love the tree growing in the middle of the room.

    We were looking forward to the mashed potato cart. We were not disappointed. Wonderful combinations that I never would have thought of that "worked".

    Sadly, it was the only thing that worked.

    The place was hard to find. Once we found it we were given attitude my the hostess. MIGHT I POINT OUT the place was empty at 8:00 on a Saturday night and stayed empty, but for one other table until we left at 10:30pm

    One couple came in and left after 20 mins. I assume they left because NO ONE ever approached their table.

    Our server was present half the time. He let us order WAY too much food - which is kinda of annoying.

    This place is not cheap. The food is average for LA.

    3 people - 2 cocktails a piece, three apps, 2 entrees (1 chicken and 1 fish), 1 dessert it was $100 a person.

    I won't be going back and for the money I don't think it is worth a trip for anyone.