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Jun 10, 2012 04:39 PM

Paleo / Zone Diet Friendly Food Around Boston?

To control my insulin levels, I eat pretty carefully and follow a diet along the lines of "The Zone" (40% Carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat, and bunch of restrictions on type of carbohydrate and type of fat). So a typical "acceptable" meal is bunch of grilled turkey on a bed of long-grain rice, with olive oil.

Problem is I'm kind of sick of just eating rice dishes (and most restaurants use fats I'd consider "off-diet" (e.g., canola or sunflower oil) or cheaper quality rice. Can anyone suggest some new alternatives?



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  1. Shouldn't be hard to find meat and vegetables wherever you go. I'm sure Cordain would argue that eating the rice is much worse for you than sub-optimal cooking oil.

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    1. re: Beachowolfe

      actually, many consider rice a safe starch and those industrial seed oils to be extremely bad.

      i'm unclear why you can't have grilled veggies, or some kind of veg sauteed in olive oil, along with grilled meat or fish, instead of rice as the side? this is something just about anyplace can accommodate.

      all steakhouses can do this, rendez-vous, blue room, prezza...

      sashimi and sushi would be an option too.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Problem with sushi is type of rice (short grain = high GI). Sashimi works when I bring my own oat cakes, but is expensive.

        Problem with steak houses is not enough carbs in vegetables. So it becomes an issue of the junk they put on the meat and carb side dishes.

        1. re: jon44

          the places i mentioned will happily grill meats or fish for you -- with no "junk", if you request it that way. if the issue is that you have to have perfect zone proportions for each and every meal, that's something else entirely.

          some japanese places do offer brown rice if that is an option for you, and many have sweet potatoes available too.

          1. re: jon44

            Try Snappy Sushi or Genki Ya. Snappy only uses brown rice, and Genki Ya will substitute either brown rice or their multigrain rice on anything (their site says their multigrain is *deep breath*: germination brown rice, glutinous foxtail millet, black rice, corn, glutinous rice, job's tears, buckwheat grain amaranth, black soybean, white sesame, red bean, non-glutinous millet, black sesame, glutinous millet, barley).

            1. re: Boston_Otter

              Thanks for helpful suggestions.

              Just a quick note on carbs. For the goal of insulin control, key thing about carbs is looking for those with moderate to low "glycemic index" (GI). Sweet potatoes are good, but there's a common misconception about brown rice. The GI of rice has much more to do with long versus short grain than it does with if rice is brown or not. So white basmati rice is a lot better than a brown short-grain rice (which is usually what's used for sushi).

      2. Great question you are asking here, jon44. Because this is the Boston Board, let's try to keep answers in this thread focused on Boston (and which Boston area restaurants would be good choices for this diet).

        For a more general discussion of "The Zone" diet or paleo diets, and ideas for what dishes to include, I would suggest posting a similar thread to this one on our new Special Diets board, which can be found here: That will be the best place to have a more general discussion, and broaden your audience to people outside of Boston.

        Feel free to reach out if you need any guidance on how to do this.

        Dave MP