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Jun 10, 2012 04:19 PM

Portland and nearby wine country questions

The following all pertain to the Portland metro area. Is there a comprehensive list of wine bars? What are the preferred wine stores? What are the best New American locally sourced restaurants? Best pubs with good beer and food ("gastropubs")?

Where is the close by north Willamette Valley wine country (McMinnville and surrounds) supposed to be discussed-here or the regional board?


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  1. The 4 true wine bars I can think of off the top of my head (not counting places that are really more restaurants like Southpark, Metrovino and Noble Rot) would be Victory Wine Bar, Kir Wine Bar, Coppia and Oregon Wines on Broadway. The first 2 are your normal sort of wine bar with a rotating selection of wines and small-ish plates of food from a small-ish menu. Coppia is pretty much all Piedmont with a larger (obviously) Italian menu and Oregon Wines specializes in higher end Oregon Pinot and Champagne and the food is pretty much charcueterie, cheese, nuts and the like.

    There are a million recommendations and reviews on this site for restaurants in the vein you are talking about. Sticking strictly to the New American theme I would offer up Wildwood, Beaker and Flask, June, Olympic Provisions, Higgins, Noisette (that might be pushing the New American theme a bit), Clyde Common and Bar Avignon but there are others as well.

    Not much of a beer drinker any longer so the whole pub thing is better left to someone else although the bar at Higgins has about 16 or so beers on tap and probably 150 or more by the bottle and the bar food is good and the atmosphere is excellent.

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      Thanks. Very helpful. Higgins is calling me.

      What are the major differences between Oly Pro NE & SW?

    2. Wine stores:

      Vinopolis has a huge selection. Searchable on Prices on the high end. Guys can be a bit stiff or even gruff I suppose, but they know their wine and that's all that matters to me.

      Mt. Tabor Fine Wines is my neighborhood spot. Sandy the proprietor is almost always behind the counter. Very good selection of local pinot and Washington Bourdeaux-style blends.

      I like E&R in Johns Landing a lot. Not the biggest or best selection, but they're very friendly and they know their wines.

      Seems appropriate to discuss WV wine country here in Metro Portland to me... I spose people in McMinnville or Newberg might disagree, but I pretty much consider that to be 'Outer Metro Portland' :). See a few recent posts on here for winery / wine tasting ideas.