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Jun 10, 2012 03:23 PM

Turkey-Guinness-Onion Broth - Toss or Save?

Okay - I'm trying a new turkey drumstick grilling recipe tonight that called for parboiling the drumsticks in a bottle of beer (I used Guinness), 6 cups of water, & one sliced onion.

Drumsticks are cooling before going onto the grill, & I'm finding myself not wanting to just toss this Turkey-Guinness-Onion broth down the sink. I'm thinking that maybe I could save it for soup - like a Cheddar-Beer soup, or a variation of Onion soup.

Any ideas?

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  1. As long as the turkey pieces were cooked to minimum safe consumption temperature and the liquid was properly cooled, I see no reason why it couldn't be refrigerated and used as a soup base. I would plan on making that soup pretty soon however.

    1. Or just chuck it into the freezer until you're ready to use it. Onion soup sounds great, or use as a base for gumbo, jambalaya, pot roast, chili, stew or practically anything. Kudos for not wanting to waste a pot o' flavor.

      1. Both good ideas and entirely safe as long as you re-boil the liquid for 15 minutes or so. You could also consider a white bean/chicken or turkey chili, cooking the beans in the liquid. Yum!

        1. Thanks all!

          Last night I brought it to a brisk boil for several minutes just to be certain any turkey nasties were done in, then tasted it. Tasted good, but a bit weak, so cooled it & put it in the fridge. Will simmer it down a bit more today to concentrate it, then into the freezer it will go to become part of another meal.

          The aroma permeating the house made it literally impossible to just pour down the sink - lol!!

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            Well, unfortunately guys, I screwed this up. After simmering down for awhile, the taste-test yielded an extremely bitter unpleasant concoction, so I tossed it after all.

            Next time I'll know better (& there WILL be a next time - the grilled turkey legs were DELICIOUS), & will just freeze the liquid "as is" - no simmering down - to use in a nice soup. I still think it has potential; it was just a bad idea to simmer down a broth with beer in it.