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Jun 10, 2012 03:15 PM

Best Casual Dining under $40, Atlanta

Suggestions for the best casual dining in Atlanta around $40 excl drinks. Preferably somewhere fun for a large group of guys who appreciate good food and a good time.

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  1. How about tapas at Eclipse de Luna on Miami Circle? Or modern Southern at Serpas in Old Fourth Ward? The Vortex for burgers and tots is well under $40 and a lot of fun with a huge beer selection.

    1. Decatur could work...Brickstore, Leon's

      Here's a suggestion which pushes your request a bit...
      I went to Holeman and Finch the other night....really enjoyed the food and fun trying things.
      Our group of 7 got there at 5 p.m. to ensure a table. No reservations there. For lots of food and a couple of bottles of wine, we only spent about $60/person. It might go over your budget a bit but it was fun. You have to have adventurous eaters. If you have guys who want a burger or a steak it's probably not the best place.

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        Definitely agree with The Brick Store or Leon's. Also The Porter in L5P (I'm still happily recalling the sting of the buffalo shrimp po boy from this weekend). If you wanted to go even more casual, I guess Farm Burger, Grindhouse. or Fox Bros would qualify. Or Bocado for more upscale. Or brewpub- 5 Seasons or the Wrecking Bar.

        Eclipse di Luna is also a go-to place for us, though they've finally raised their prices after many years (it's still a pretty good deal, though). The Tree House in Peachtree Hills does good (if not adventurous) food and has a great patio if the weather is nice (wouldn't go otherwise).

        I just generally am not excited about The Vortex b/c I've gotten used to not having to do secondhand smoke with a meal.

        Another idea- we were really impressed by the food at STG Trattoria, even though the pace of getting it out of the kitchen was glacial when we went.

        I love Holeman, but I rcburli's right about it being a bigger tab. I also tend to gut-bomb myself by indulging in too many rich things when there.

        1. re: ted

          Decatur is great for smaller groups. Parking and reservations can be difficult since restaurant space and parking is limited. The Brick Store is great if you hang out for beers, but the food is average, at best. That's right, I said it, average food!

      2. try Einsteins on Juniper--they can fit large groups outside--great vibe--inside as well---Alfrefdos has been there forever--very good Italian