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Vienna: Coffee to bring home?

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  • rgd Jun 10, 2012 02:50 PM
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I am in Vienna and would like to bring coffee back as a souvenir. Any suggestions on brands and specific roasts is appreciated! Also, any tea suggestions? What is a unique food gift from Vienna (unfortunately, no liquids or chocolate). Thank you!

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  1. You could either get some Meinl coffee from Meinl am Graben, or some coffee from a local roaster such as Alt-Wien or Naber Kaffee:

    Please keep in mind that coffee generally is quite bad in Vienna. Not as bad as in Germany, but much worse than in Italy. Very few cafes offer good coffee. Therefore the choice of suppliers for excellent coffee is quite limited.

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      There are fewer and fewer "unique" items that can be found on travels these days. For example, you can find the exact same brand/package of paprika in many stores near where I live in Chicago that they sell at the countless stands and touristy stores in Hungary. And we also have a couple of Meinl cafes in Chicago.