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Jun 10, 2012 02:50 PM

Grillo's Pickles rivals?

I like Grillo's Pickles and have supported their efforts but have now been to their Inman Square location twice only to find it locked up and dark, even when their advertised hours indicate they should be open. Kind of a bum steer.

I know that Grillo's can be found at Whole Foods and other places, but I like to buy from the source whenever I can. But I have had it with this location. Too hit or miss for me.

Since Grillo's seems to keep standing me up, I am now looking for other pickle purveyors who stick to their advertised hours. Any other good local pickles out there at the farmers markets or other spots? Or should I try making my own?

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  1. You didn't state what times you tried to go. You might try tweeting them with a question, @grillospickles.

    I know I've been to their Inman Square location during after-work hours during the week, and in the middle of the day on a Saturday, and been able to satisfy my pickled-food needs.

    BTW, they now do half sour pickles! By far my favorite kind.

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    1. re: jforman

      While I do not use Twitter, I did communicate with Grillo's the second time it happened, which was over a weekend. The first time was on a weekday just after work. I know I can buy them at many other retail outlets. Just wondering if there are any other good locally made pickles that people can recommend.

    2. I like Grillo's pickles a lot and I'm excited that they're doing half-sours. I wish they did full sours, which are my favorite by far. I saw Whole Foods sour pickles the other day and was tempted, but I didn't trust the color: they were brightish green, not the sea green color I associate with a great sour pickle. Anyone tried the Whole Foods sours?

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      1. re: katzzz

        Without tasting the WF pickles, you already know they're probably not bad, but far from great...

        1. re: katzzz

          Russo's has full sours (my favorites too) from NY (from P.O.E.).

          Whoops! Should have read further down.

        2. Most of the Russian markets have good pickles, half-sour and otherwise.

          1. The only time I tired to go to Grillo's it was closed as well (afternoon on a weekday).

            1. Russo's carries a line of pickles called "P.O.E of New York." Not local, obviously, but very delicious.

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              1. re: VintageMolly

                Second this, I love the P.O.E. stuff. In refrigerator over near the pasta at Russo's. Mmmm, need to get to Russo's soon, it has been too long, thanks for the reminder, VintageMolly.

                1. re: VintageMolly

                  Delicious and much less expensive than Grillo's. The P.O.E. giardiniera is very good, too, and about $2/qt.

                    1. re: Gordough

                      P. O. E. is Pickles, Olives Etc, from the Upper East side. Look here:


                      1. re: Gordough

                        moderately spicy and truly delicious

                    2. re: VintageMolly

                      Oh, those sound good....I'm going on a Pickle Prowl soon. More suggestions welcome.

                      Interesting to read that I am not the only one to find Grillo's closed when they advertise being open. When you make a specific trip to stock up on assorted picked goodness, it is a disappointment, for sure.

                      Keep any pickle news coming. I'm going to keep a close eye on the farmers markets, too. And bonus points for good pickled beets.

                      1. re: mvi

                        mvi, if you find good ones at a farmers market anywhere, please report back. Many of us still lament the loss of Moonbrine Pickles, finest pickle (to my taste) I have ever eaten... Oh, hey, after I typed that I Googled them and they have reappeared in Portland, OR, where I will be flying into Labor Day weekend to head out to the Coast. MUST GO!!!

                        1. re: GretchenS

                          ... and on further examination, he sells locally: To me, these are WAY better than Grillo's.

                          1. re: GretchenS

                            Thanks for this tip, GretchenS, I am going to get some of those Moonbrines and keep on the prowl for other pickles. Will keep all pickle people informed if I find anything out there and hope you will do the same.

                            1. re: GretchenS

                              I miss Moonbrine, the best new breed artisan pickles I've tasted. According to website, they will reappear in late July in east coast locations, including scattered outlets around Boston. For sour pickle goodness, they got Grillo's beat, though I do like Grillo's a lot more than P.O.E. sour pickles, which to my palate just don't have enough zing.

                              1. re: katzzz

                                Moonbrine was/is the best! They were/are one of very few making lacto-fermented dills, not the vinegar-y type. Vinegar pickles (like Grillo's) can obviously be delicious too, but for me there's nothing like the fermented style (though I think Moonbrine actually includes a small amount of vinegar)

                                1. re: katzzz

                                  I eat my words re: POE full sour pickles. Just ate one and it's much much better than I remembered. The sourness is there. I like 'em as much as Grillo's dill pickles, maybe more.

                                2. re: GretchenS

                                  Seriously miss MoonBrine. Grillo's good, MoonBrine better.

                                3. re: GretchenS

                                  Those are good - I had deep fried ones at the Porter Cafe in West Roxbury.

                              2. re: VintageMolly

                                Those half sours are really good (and Grillo's are stored right next to them).