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Jun 10, 2012 02:19 PM

Help! Dinner @ THE WRIGHT? (How does it compare to Bar Room @ The Modern?)

THE WRIGHT looks like an absolutely gorgeous restaurant. But is the food mediocre?

Would love to hear from anyone who has dined @ THE WRIGHT recently.


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  1. THE WRIGHT? Anyone?

    I guess I should have wrote in the title: "The Restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum" instead of "The Wright"...

    1. It's on for 30% off so you can try it for not-too-much money. we were there with a group of six and were virtually the only people there. the food was perfectly fine, but certainly not memorable. not bad for that neighborhood and very pretty space. the Modern bar is lively,packed with people,has a great vibe and food..

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        Thanks, pammi! "Not memorable" doesn't sound too good... I appreciate your honest feedback!

      2. Absolutely NO comparison-totally different scene/venue!!! I would consider The Wright for lunch but to me its basically a glorified cafe. The bar at the Modern meanwhile is a great scence anytime with lively action and great food. Think of it this way-you take granny to The Wright , and the mistress to The Modern.

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          I'd like to reply to this-you'd only take your mistress to the Modern if you wanted a divorce,because your wife's friends would be calling her with 1/2 hour of your going to the Modern. take your mistress to he Wright if you want to have both a mistress and a wife-no one there to tattle on you :)

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            I think in this metaphor the wife is at home in Greenwich. And is Rory from Gilmore Girls.

        2. Apart from occasionally lukewarm entrees, which you can always send back, the food at the Wright is pretty good (better than the Met and Sabarsky for savory items). Compared to the Modern the preparations at the Wright are less fussy and the portions are more substantial. It's a calming space and worth trying if you're planning to see the exhibits at the Guggenheim, National Academy, or Jewish Museum.

          1. Really liked it the first, not as much the second time. Not even in the same league as The Modern but convenient if in the area.

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              Thanks, Everybody... this is really helpful!