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Jun 10, 2012 01:49 PM

Sicily (Jun 14 - 21)

We are looking for non tourist suggestions for our week in Sicily.

We will be in Palermo for 3 nights (14, 19, 20) and most likely in the Trapani province for the remainder of our visit. (just outside of Marsala for the weekend, and in Calatafimi 17th and 18th).

We would like to eat in authentic restaurants, places locals eat, rustic trattorias,or in Agritourismos. We don't mind a drive if the restaurant /agritourismo is worth it.

We plan on some day exploration/excursions, (Agrigento, Castelbuono, etc)

For what it's worth mentioning we will be traveling with 2 children, who are very well behaved and adventurous eaters.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I was enthusiastic to read your query, and then disappointed to see that there were no responses. I am also going to Sicily (Trapani and Scopello, with day trips to San Vito Lo Capo, Favignana, and perhaps Marsals) with well behaved and adventurous children. Any chance you have any on the ground wisdom now that your trip is complete?

    1. Trip report (delinquent)- Italians love children, and Sicilians even more so! Don't be worried about taking your children out.
      We ended up following local recommendations - we stayed at agritourismos. (Palermo, Agrigento, Modica, Ragusa? and Syracus)
      Outside of Agrigento - I don't know the name of the restaurant, but it had a gorgeous view of the Valley of Temples light up at fresco dining, children running around, amazing swordfish - changed my mind on swordfish in fact!.
      Modica - if you go to Sicily and don't go to have really missed out! Modica is a charming town set in a valley. It has about 10 store fronts/(factories?) that make a delicious grainy chocolate bar (without butter, I think?) it's almost like a biscuit, but after you get used to it..its addictive.
      We went to Fattoria delle Torri and had a meal of a lifetime on their patio (with our two children nibbling off our plates) . gamberi rosso on a bed of sea salt, plated in melted butter.
      We ate at a local /cozy restaurant on one of the main streets in Modica - the maitre de was so warm and accommodating, even though he had virtually no English and we had very limited food Italian. That evening our al fresco meal was punctuated by a strolling accordian player who played with such passion.
      Sicily (and especially Modica) - we'll be back!
      Next time I might skip Palermo ...