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Jun 10, 2012 01:32 PM

Must eat on Amelia Island?

My boyfriend and I are going to Amelia Island the end of this month and are looking for some MUST EAT locations. I hate nothing more than to go on vacation and waste a meal at a place that is no good.

So far we are definitely eating at Joe's 2nd Street Bistro (we have a gift card). We like casual dining with the occasional upscale dinner. So far I have Lulu's, Espana, Merge, T-Rays, Cafe Karibo and Happy Tomato listed as possible choices. I basically need 2 definite lunch and 2 definite dinner locations for this trip and just need a little guidance, as this is my first trip to the island.

(Note, I live in a small seafood town, so seafood really isn't something I want UNLESS you know of a restaurant with a low country boil around there.)

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  1. You are on the right track. I think Lulu's is the best restaurant on the island for lunch or dinner. Arte Pizza on N. 3rd has the best Italian style pizza I have had in the USA. Arte is open for lunch on weekends, dinner Wednesday - Monday.