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In town for US Open- rec's for casual Asian in the city? We really enjoyed Slanted Door and Yank Sing last trip..

.. and would like to try another place for dim sum, sushi/seafood, Vietamese, etc. Maybe Le Colonial?

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  1. Koi Palace is about 5 miles from the Olympic GC mostly along the coast.

    1. I consider a trip to SF without a visit to Lers Ros (original in Tenderloin) for an appetizer-heavy meal a sad oversight. I also love the Lao-menu at Vietian in Oakland, particularly the nam khao, if you are BART-friendly.

      1. Assuming you have a car, Little Yangon in Daly City for Burmese. Angkor Borei for Cambodian. Old Mandarin Islamic for Peking-style hot pot.

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          Second old Islamic, but for much more than hot pot if the OP is a lamb fan. It is relatively close to the Olympic Club too.

          Also if they allow non-member tournament attendees to do so, be sure to try the fresh rectangular shaped sausages from the snack pavilion located next to the driving range. Unique and tasty!

        2. How about XLBs or soup dumplings? Not quite dim sum but many people like them.

          There's several places on the Western side of SF and near the airport. Shanghai Dumpling King at 35th/Balboa, Kingdom of Dumplings on Taraval, Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Millbrae (close to SFO). Pretty much all are casual or even hole-in-the-wall-ish.

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            +1 on these, the shanghai places have broad menus and you'll enjoy picking out a few dishes you've never seen before - and having some great dumplings.

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              Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Millbrae has great XLB, I think maybe even better than Yank Sing. Of the three listed I thought these were best by far. Although it might be somewhat luck - depending on when you go and how freshly made they are.

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                I believe Shanghai Dumpling Shop is owned by the same folks as Shanghai Dumpling House at 37th/Balboa.

            2. Great! Thanks for the recommendations everyone, that will get me started! I'll have to see what those sausages at the Olympic Club are all about.

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                Now that I recall, they are actually made from ground beef, so they are rectangular hamburgers served in a hotdog bun. Good stuff.

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                  Yes, they are made of ground beef and are known as "burger dogs." I am not sure if they will be available during the US Open week.

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                    Clearly I'm not running in the right circles, have not had a burger dog.


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                      When you do, be sure to order two. You never know when you will back again!

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                          I was at the tournament yesterday and sadly, the usual food stand btwn at the 10th tee is not open during the US Open. The USGA is handling all food concessions.

                          I had the Olympic Club Hospitality ticket which allows access to one place where they have it on the menu (snack pavilion located across from the driving range, as mentioned above). However, the SF Chron reported that it is a copy and not like the original, and nor does it taste as good.


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                            Interesting. I wonder if the snack pavilion you and the article are referring to is the same one that I visited last year. Is it a permanent structure? If so, would the USGA take over the facilities and serve the same menu but with different recipes? Seems like an odd thing to do.

                            1. re: Civil Bear

                              It was a temporary all-indoor 2-level structure on the upper parking lot (btwn the driving range and the first hole) . It was the same menu as the outdoor general public concession stands run by the USGA, but w/ the supposed OC burger.

                  2. Koi Palace is great (but only with a reservation, otherwise the dim sum wait is crazy).

                    Ton Kiang for dim sum, on Geary in SF.

                    Khan Toke Thai House, also on Geary.

                    Sushi - I prefer K's Kitchen, a neighborhood spot but very very fresh. Tsunami Sushi Bar is great if you want a hipster/city/cocktail feel instead.

                    1. go to Le Soleil and try the Vietnamese curry short ribs

                      1. Surprised that nobody's mentioned Burma Superstar yet. There are several locations (North Oakland, Inner Richmond in SF, and Alameda) but do know that the place does get fairly busy so either eat early/late and avoid prime evenings.


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                          BSS is not all that close to the Olympic Club, plus there is better & closer Burmese (Little Yangon) already mentioned in this thead.

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                            I honestly like Burma Cafe (http://www.burma-cafe.com/) better than Little Yangon. It's a great family run restaurant that has a cleaner less hole in the wall feel than Little Yangon and tastes better. Lest I dare say even better than BSS.

                            To add to the list of dumpling shops: Dumpling Kitchen on Taraval around 30th (enjoy their soy bean milk, XLBs, dan dan mian (even if it's not exactly the way it should be - still tastes great).

                            Another Chinese place I love: Hakka around 45th & Cabrillo

                            Agree with favorite Thai - including Ler Ros, but also Thai House Express is great.

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                              Here's my post from last year on Burma Cafe with links to a couple interior shots.

                              If you haven't been to Little Yangon recently, it has spiffed up the interior. I never considered it unclean but it's more colorful inside now.

                              Both are better than Burma Superstar!

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                              No need to limit recommendations to places close to the Olympic Club. Most spectators will be parking at Candlestick Park and taking shuttle buses. Other shuttle buses are running from Colma BART.

                              Traffic is a mess on Skyline, John Daly Blvd and around Lake Merced. The section of Skyline by the Olympic Club is closed to through traffic.

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                                Yeah, but Candlestick is about as far away from the Richmond district as you can get and there's lots of good Asian much closer to the 'Stick.

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                                Yank Sing and the Slanted Door are not exactly next door either, nor did OP specify walking distance only. Plus, given the fact that the aforementioned are $$ rather than $, I'd say that Burma Superstar is a better fit in terms of decor and atmosphere than some of the other Burmese suggestions (though not necessarily food-wise depending on one's tastes).

                            3. I'm surprised no one's mentioned San Tung on Irving. Located on Sunset, more known for their potstickers and their signature chicken wings.