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Dinner near South Station

I'm arriving in South Station around 7 Saturday evening and have two hours to kill. I was looking for some dinner suggestions. I saw Les Zygomates recommended on a thread about lunch venue. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. Chinatown is a five-minute walk from South Station. Your best bet is probably to peruse any of the hundreds of Chinatown threads for ideas, unless that doesn't appeal for whatever reason.

    1. Second the Chinatown recommendation A quick short list: New Shanghai (Sichuan and Beijing cuisine), Peach Farm (Hong Kong live-tank seafood and Cantonese), Dumpling Cafe (Taiwanese), Hong Kong Eatery (Cantonese plus roast meats), China King (Shandong and Beijing, great noodles).

      You might want to think about reservations at the Western restaurants nearby. Les Zyg is good for traditional French bistro / wine bar. Also a short walk: Trade (eclectic Mediterranean small plates), Sportello (upscale Italian in a casual setting), O Ya (very expensive, very creative Japanese place).


      1. All good ideas. But if it were me...with short time and a hard end time, I'd stick with Zygomate. Even on a Saturday, easy to eat at the bar. And you can probably see south station from Les Zyg's front door.

        1. I'll add Kingston Station

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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                Ended up at Zygomate, it was closest and easiest to get to. Very happy I did. Had a tasty steak frites at the bar and listened to some nice jazz. I liked the decor, the wine, and the service. My only regret was that I couldn't stay for a few more drinks.

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                  I like les zyg and use them for lunch on occasion. I think the added appeal of jazz at night made it a good stop for you.

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                    And that is indeed a truly excellent version of steak frites. Might actually be my favorite in the city.