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Jun 10, 2012 07:19 AM

Lunch in Santa rosa today!

Hi folks - we are going to be in Santa rosa today, Sunday, for lunch. Anything new to try? Sunday markets? Things that we can't get in Marin that we should try here in terms of ethnic food? We are partial to Mexican and southeast Asian foods and love off the beaten path spots. Thx!!

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  1. Lexvegas....for Mexican, La Texanita on Sebastopol Road is a great place. .

    1. Pho Vietnam out on Stony Point Rd is as good better than anything SF has to offer in its class.

      1. For Mexican, Lola's is really good and ridiculously cheap.

        1. More than a dozen food vendors at Filipino Community Center right now. The fiesta area smells incredible. I'm waiting for this gorgeous Lechon to come off the spit.

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            Lots of shade and seating. Not crowded. Take 101 north to River Road exit, go west, turn left on Fulton Road. Two blocks south on the right.

            Website linked in June festivals thread.

          2. Thank you all so much - unfortunately we ended up car shopping in Vallejo instead of Santa Rosa but will put all these great tips to use at another time...especially bummed I missed the Lechon pig roast..sigh...