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Jun 10, 2012 07:11 AM

Coffee beans in Astoria?

I live near 30th Avenue and can't find a place that sells decent coffee beans. Am I missing something?

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  1. Queens Kickshaw sells fresh beans by the bag. They're at Broadway and 41st.

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    1. re: PAL

      Thanks, that's good to know! I ended up buying beans at Cyprus Deli, which were as bad as I had feared.

      1. re: bigchili

        I got here too late. The beans I bought there were unsuitable as packing peanuts. I find the Green Parrot on Ditmars good enough, though.

    2. Might be worth checking out Baruir's Coffee not far away in Sunnyside. As for Astoria, I guess you only need Nescafe to make a frappe...

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        Thanks. I tried Green Parrot once but didn't love it. I'll give Baruir's a try since I also love Armenian food. I miss Watertown, outside of Boston, where I used to get lots of great food.
        Nescafe is dreadful. I don't understand the frappe appeal at all.

      2. I have the same problem finding coffee beans in Astoria! It's best to buy directly from the roasting plant cutting out the middle man to save money. I would like to buy from Dallas Coffee Bros. because it's roasted in Queens but Ozone Park is too far and shipping is expensive. Il Bambino sells Dallis Bros. coffee beans with their restaurant logo on the bag. It's Dallis' "Gramercy Park" Blend which is nice. It's just that it's marked up to $15 per pound and you can get it from Dallis for $9 or $10. Please Keep me posted on your search and I will do the same. Thank you!

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        1. re: Tantissimo

          A friend of a friend works for Dallis coffee. I'll ask her if there are other outlets for it. Sometimes it is on sale at Whole Foods. $14-$15 per pound is too much for me too.

          1. re: bigchili

            Thank you bigchili...much appreciated.

        2. Astor Bakeshop sold coffee beans for about a minute when they first opened; perhaps they could be lobbied to do so again. They were locally roasted and very good. Given the wretched quality of everything else available in the area (Queens Kickshaw is too far away from where I live), I order online from a little gem of a coffee house in Nebraska, The Mill: The site is a little clunky, but they roast their coffee there, really know what they're doing, are reasonably priced, and ship free if you order more than $40 worth of beans. Ethiopian Harrar and A.M. Mayhem are two of my favorite varieties. The beans usually arrive less than a week after I place my order.