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Something different for Fathers Day

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I am trying to find a restaurant to take my dad to or Fathers day. We like to go to Restaurants that I describe as "different". Last year we went to Flip Burger Boutique where the burgers are anything but what you would think of as a burger and the milkshakes are amazing too-uh Krispy Kreme milkshake? A. Maze. Ing. (if you haven't been, definitely check it out!)

This year I wanted to take him to "do" (like dough or the musical note) because they have iPads for menus and the walls change the scenery like video. But they have no open tables on fathers day. (Or within 8 weeks....)

Can anyone help me? My dad is 57 year old teenager. We like to have a fun time and he loves good food. I want something we will remember. Please don't even mention "fancy" restaurants, we like those but not for this occasion. Something fun, different kind of atmosphere or food would be great!

Oh, he lives in Roswell and would like to stay relatively close to there (30 miles or less if possible). Price isn't really a concern.

Please help! I have been looking into this for days and I'm not having much luck.

Thanks everyone!!!! :)

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  1. Is Decatur square too far? There's a new Persian restaurant called Colbeh Persian Kitchen & Bar - I was there for dinner last night, my only complaint (a minor one) is that I would have preferred more char on the kabob. Everything was tasty, they have a nice beer list and some interesting cocktails though I did ntot try any of them.