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Jun 10, 2012 06:20 AM

Best Chinese supermarket in Flushing?

I'm partial to the Great Wall on Northern Blvd, but is there another one as good or better?

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  1. It all depends on what you are shopping for; there seems to be no universal best. Also, the owner's ethnicity can underscore some differences in the product selection.
    In addition to G&W, I like A&N (aka, The Golden Mountain) @ 41-79 Main St

    1. I like KBY Foods - on Main Street (between 59th and 60th) - right across the street from Main Street Imperial. Seems not as crowded as the places nearer Main/Roosevelt and they have free parking.

      1. I like the one across the street from the LIRR where they sold me 2.5 pounds of perfectly ripe cherries for $5

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          The J-mart? We were there today, quite good -- wide selection. I was surprised there was only one aisle of Japanese products, and those were lumped with Korean.
          We also went to HK Supermarket on 37th just off Main, across from Joe's Shanghai. Excellent black cherries there were $1.49/lb.

          1. re: buttertart

            IMHO, J-Mart is best for prepackaged goods, those with little or no variation (such as vinegar). It is very competitively priced, but the quality may vary.

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              The one concern I have with J-mart is with their frozen foods. On more than one occasion I saw excess stock stored outside of the freezers.

              1. re: ltlevy

                I seldom buy anything frozen because it's such a schlep back home, but that's a good point.

          2. Thanks for all suggestions, I haven't been to either A&N or KBY Foods -- next trip!

            1. I'm not that picky, but I like the one in the shopping center on Kissena (can't remember the name) partly because they have parking and also because their produce is usually pretty fresh and reasonably priced. Got a great crate of mangoes last time I was there.

              The Skye foods is also not bad, though usually quite crowded. I remember thinking that they carry some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere, though I am hard pressed to say what at the moment.

              Was not impressed with the place in the new world mall (is that J-mart?) looked unkempt and shabby and thought the produce selection was not that good.

              I do like the huge one further down main st (might be A&N), but find parking to be more difficult there, so tend to go to the one on kissena instead. Then I usually swing around and hit up the Patel Bros.