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Jun 10, 2012 12:33 AM

The best (store bought) hot dog buns

What are the best hot dog buns? And where can I find em?
Are there hot dog buns out there that can stand up to chili?
Do you have a favorite brand? Are the .98 store brand artificial spongy sticks the way to go? Or is there something better out there?
I've seen dogs discussed at length but tomorrow I would like to get some really good buns to accompany my beef franks and homemade chili.
So does anyone have a favorite bun???

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  1. I find that Martin's hold up better than any others. I only buy the weak, white spongy ones if it's going to be a major party and no one will notice.

    1. Hands down it's Martin's potato buns. Both for hot dog and hamburger. They hold up well while being moist and flavorful

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        1. re: ctfoodguy

          +2. I eat my hot dogs and hamburgers bunless unless there are Martin's potato rolls available. They're the only ones I think are worth the carbs!

          1. re: biondanonima

            I wonder if it is the potato in the roll that does it -- I buy my potato hd and hamburg buns from a local baker and they are so much more hardy (without being hard!) than any others I've tried.

          2. re: ctfoodguy

            Another vote for Martins. They taste like bread, not air. I've eaten my share of hot dogs and sausages over the year. Before I started using Martins I would often leave portions the of the buns uneaten when I finished the hot dog. They had virtually no flavor. Not so with the Martins - those rolls taste good on their own.

            I also highly recommend their Big Marty's rolls for burgers and sandwiches.

          3. Hot dogs are an infrequent indulgence for us. Thus, when that time of year comes around again, and the first swims in the Atlantic are a reality, and the Yankees have an interesting homestand, etc . . . the annual "hot dog extravaganza" is called for and the preparations start.

            I know the butcher in the next county who makes the best dogs. I know how to make my chili the day before. I know where to get the beer and what time the game is going to start. Like you, however, I am often hard pressed to find the "right" bun.

            This year, I discovered that our local Shop Rite sells a "ciabatta hot dog roll" that they bake on premises. It was perfect. So, I suggest you try a market that has an on premises bakery. Otherwise, I would default to the Vermont Bread Company's white rolls or, if all else fails, top split buns from Pepperidge Frams.

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            1. re: MGZ

              Supermarket hot dog buns for the most part are inferior to food service buns that are used by hot dog vendors. Food service are baked individually (not stuck together) and are sturdier and of better quality. They do not fall apart. For the consumer, these are hard to find. I either buy them from a hot dog stand that will sell them to me or I go to the Pechters store in Harrison, N.J.

              Martin's are the best supermarket buns and can stand up to chili and other toppings.

              MGZ, Which butcher are you talking about who makes the best hot dogs? I have several near me that I go to. The Union Pork Store and Kocher's are among the best.

              1. re: hotdoglover

                Well, until they recently closed, it was the dogs that were at D.A. Barsch in Toms River. I believe they were made in house. Most recently, I picked up a bunch from Arctic Meats in Point Pleasant. If I recall correctly, they are selling Pulaski's from somewhere "up North" (I see the Driscoll Bridge as a clear divider).

                1. re: MGZ

                  Yes, I've had both. The owner of D.A. Barsch is working for another butcher. Pulaski Meats is in Linden, about 10 minutes from me. I can get their dogs there or in a supermarket 2 minutes away.

                  1. re: hotdoglover

                    I like the Pulaski dogs, but I preferred those from Barsch - were's he working now?

                    The other place I will travel to worship at the altar of all pork sausages (and goose liver pate) is European Provisions in South River/East Brunswick (to any old Pollock, it's the former, however, the post office disagrees).

                    1. re: MGZ

                      I think he's at a place in Forked River. I'll find out and post back.

            2. The best are the ones at my Dollar Store.

              1. While they've unfortunately gotten smaller over the years, my husband has a fondness for Pepperidge Farm's "Top Split" hot dog rolls, so that's what I normally buy. If we're having a substantial "dog", like "Chili Dogs", then I'll up the ante & buy local, what they call, "long sandwich" or "short sub" rolls, which have a bit more heft to them & can stand up to chili.