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Jun 9, 2012 09:17 PM

Asian Markets in Waterbury CT?

Do you know of any?

I found something called Waterbury Farm Market but it seems to be called Lemontree now but no info on either for more than 5 years that I can tell

Going to be in Waterbury soon and would love to buy some things if there are any Asian markets still out there

Would super appreciate any info you all have


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  1. A search came up with the Family Food Market on Baldwin St. I have never been there, but do make regular trips to A Dong Asian Supermarket in West Hartford. It is large and has fresh meat and fish (live, even), lots of fruit and veggies, fresh roasted meats like ducks, chicken and pork, a bakery, and frozen and grocery items from all over Asia. It's a wonderful market though I have found the staff there to not be very helpful.

    ps: the ducks are delicious, roasted with aromatics inside.

    You'll find a series of some 23 photos on that yelp site.

    1. Lemon Tree moved out a few years ago and the store that replaced it did not last at all.

      1. Thanks so much for the name of the market in Waterbury!
        Baldwin street was on the other side of town so I didn't get over there-not sure how long it would take me to get to west hartford, but I AM going to check :)

        Thanks also re: Lemon tree-saved me from making the trip!

        1. Just read good reviews on Yelp for AAA Asian Market, 53 Meriden Rd, Wtby. Haven't been there myself, but reviewers mentioned that the store has great produce at really good prices, as well as meat, fish, noodles, & good selection of other ingredients. Apparently the store opened about a year ago.

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            Hi I have been there, it is good, but I still like Asia Fresh in Danbury best, it is small but they are so nice and they have a fresh fish case, live crabs, shrimps with HEADS and whole fish which are hard to find anywhere else, It's a trek for me tho

            I saw fresh fish at AAA too but they are already packaged, no fish case or live crabs etc

            Son Atlantic market is a few doors down From Asia Fresh but I found it disorganized and chaotic and they are not particularly helpful

            I was going to hit AAA market tomorrow but I hear there is going to be a storm :(