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Jun 9, 2012 09:00 PM

Prawn paratha roti?

I used to get a paratha roti on 4th close to Zulu records that was delicious, a bowl of the curried prawns and then a broken obviously handmade roti for the dipping yummy anyone know of another?

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  1. Wow, you talking about Roti Bistro? That was at least 10 years ago, I think :( That was my first exposure to roti and I loved it.

    But if you're talking about Malaysian roti rather than Trinidadian roti, then I don't know which place that was nor where to get a similar dish today.

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    1. re: flowbee

      Yeah it prob was 10 yrs ago, I'm old , We tried a paratha chicken dish last nite at Masala Dosa on Fraser tastee but nothing like the one's I'm looking for

      1. re: hotsaucedon

        Rehanah's Roti in Port Moody is the only Trinidadian place around these days-lunch only.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Rehanah's Doubles ... man, they are so good. The Rotis are good too. :) But the Doubles ... only on certain days, can't remember which ones. Call first if you're interested.

          Rotis are ~ 9ish for the Chicken and up for the Beef, Shrimp/Prawn. They used to have Conch but I think it's off the regular menu (probably because of cost/availability). Keep in mind that the rotis are the wrapped version with the filling, not a bowl of rice with roti on the side.

          Seating and atmosphere is minimal. Maybe 3 tables ... but i'm not there for the atmosphere.

          1. re: bill_n_opus


            Now you're speaking my language!

            1. re: Sam Salmon

              Oh man, i'm hankering for some doubles right now ...