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Jun 9, 2012 08:41 PM

Anyone know about chiu-chow cuisine?

Chiu-chow (or "teochew" or any of dozens of other transliterations) is a cuisine from NE Guangdong province. Two dishes I'm particularly interested in, but have had trouble finding in the Toronto area:

1. A fried noodle cake that's basically cooked noodles, formed into a circle and fried. Served with vinegar and sugar. What kind of noodle is that? Every time I have it in Hong Kong I swear I'm tasting yam or sweet potato in the noodles.

2. Chinjew chicken. No idea where the name comes from, but it's basically chunks of chicken cooked in a sauce and served with deep-fried leafy greens of some sort. Does anyone know what that green leafy vegetable is?

More importantly, I suppose, does anyone know a restaurant in the GTA where I could get authentic versions of those dishes?

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  1. Try Bayview Court Chinese Restaurant, 1070 Major Mackenzie, Unit 107, Richmond Hill or the Chiu Chow restaurant inside the plaza at Finch/Leslie where Asian Legend is.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Is there another Chiu Chow at Finch Leslie or you are referring to Ming Lou which closed last year, I think. A great miss!

      1. re: yippy

        Yes, I was referring to the now closed Ming Lou.
        However, my favorite is 'Oriental Gourmet' nowadays. They even offer a chef 'Omakase' with one day advanced notice!

    2. "My Kitchen" is a Chiu-Chow (and Cantonese) restaurant. But I only go there for the rice rolls, plain congee and fried fritters (all pretty good), and have never tried their Chiu-Chow stuff (not my "cup of tea"), but other people I know seem to like it. They are located in a strip mall off Leslie, North of Hwy 7.

      My Kitchen
      9021 Leslie St
      Richmond Hill
      (905) 881-1338

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      1. re: T Long

        I am yet to discover better representation than Chiu Chow Boy. In particular, their pigeon dishes are stellar. James Chatto, a huge enthusiast of this style of asian cuisine, has written about them extensively if you care to go archiving at Toronto Life. Chiu Chow Boy 3261 Kennedy Road Toronto, ON M1V 4Y1, Canada
        (416) 335-0336

        1. re: DarthRiesling

          Chiu Chow Boy? I'd rather eat out of my toilet.

          1. re: Googs

            Agree!! Not as extreme as you but CCB's food IMO is very mediocre! BTW, never trust ed Chatto for Chinese!

      2. Oriental gourmet at 633 silver star blvd is pretty good. Small restaurant but very busy.
        I think the noodles are just egg noodles. Chinese name of dish is " two-face-yellow".
        Restaurants in HK use pearl leaves in the chicken dish. Sometimes they substitute with spinach.

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        1. re: omdomd

          In TO, they mostly use spinach and deep fry it for the chicken dish. I think the other signature dishes would be the soya duck/goose that comes with bean curd and soya beans at the bottom. Satay beef stir fried rice noodle. And fish ball rice noodle soup. We don't go often but when we do it would be Chiu Chow Boy on Kennedy.
          And a very thick taro paste for dessert.

          1. re: caitlink

            Wow Googs; what kind of fare are you offering from your bathroom buffet? Chiu Chow Boy was introducing this specific style long before any of the aforementioned. Charles, curious when you were there last. They were first. They were approachable to non-sino visitors. They were and still are faithful to the culinary tradition. I will graciously abstain from Goog's commode's set menu for now.

            1. re: DarthRiesling

              Ate there over a year ago. Food was so-so. Since 'Bayview Court' is much closer to home and food is better, never bothered going back to CCB..

          2. re: omdomd

            I recently watched a cooking show about the sweet and sour noodles. They are deep fried, then stock is added to the drained noodles in another wok, then cooked until dry and crispy again and served with vinergar and salt. They said "chiu chow noodles" are used without elaboration. This is different from the Cantonese version which is just egg noodles pan fried on both sides.

            Edit: Googled around in Chinese and found that the special noodles used in this dish has duck egg yolks added.

            Also "chinjew" in the chicken dish refers to the flavouring used, which is made by frying mashed scallions and szechuan peppercorns in oil flavoured with shallots.

          3. When I visit my family in the west end, we go to Chiu Chow Man quite a lot.


            I've pretty much liked everything I've tried there.

            1. Oriental gourmet is closed. I liked their duck leg in orange peel broth with rice.

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              1. re: smfan

                'Oriental Gourmet' has a new flag ship in Markham ( corner of Hwy#7 and McCowan ) with kitchen staff from the Scarborough old location.

                Following is review of a great meal I had at Oriental Gourmet a while back. Their Smoked Soya Free Range Chicken earned them an award in the 2014 Chinese Restaurant Award! Their Chinjew chicken is also pretty good.