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Jun 9, 2012 07:41 PM

Spring Jean-Georges Must Haves (Lunch)?

Will the menu change any time soon? I've looked through old threads, but it seems that the dishes have changed (no chateau chalon sauce fish, for example.)

People seem to love the parmesan chicken leg and the tuna ribbons... anything else that's must-have? (or must not have?)

Thanks again CH!

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  1. I was at JG for lunch on Thursday. Unfortunately, on this trip that included Ai Fiori, chef's tasting at Torrisi, and tasting at Blanca, I found JG to be the least exciting meal. Although the foie gras with granola was actually the best dish I had on the trip. My main course of sea bass crusted with nuts and seeds was fine but definitely nothing special. My wife had the gnocchi as her starter and the sweetbreads as her main. I found these just ok but she liked them.

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      it's hard to beat a tasting at torrisi... thanks for your feedback.

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        Just had lunch at Jean-Georges yesterday and have to agree: the terrine of foie gras was incredible.

      2. I do like the parmesan chicken, the foie gras prep, tuna ribbons, and scallops with caramelized cauliflower. I'd be curious to know how you like the desserts. I haven't been to JG since Johnny Iuzzini left last year.

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          We had the citrus and herbs dessert which was very good although the anise macaron was hollow so that was a very surprising error from such a high end restaurant.

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            If I go, I will be sure to report back.