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Jun 9, 2012 06:59 PM

where to buy bone-in fresh ham near sunnyvale?

I had decided to cook a Southern style coke marinated fresh bone-in ham tomorrow but have been stymied by a lack of ham. So far today, I have been to Schaub's in PA with no luck as well as Whole Foods and Safeway. No bone-in ham! Wising up, I started calling around and Draeger's and Andronico's don't have any of those ham's either!

I have decided to move on and cook something else but I am left wondering if I am just looking in the wrong place? Are hams more of a seasonal thing in CA? What does the Chow community have to say?


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  1. Butcher shops along Stockton St in San Francisco Chinatown break down whole pigs every day. You can get any pig part from them. But you need to go early in the day before they've cut everything apart, especially if you want something with the bone still in it and the skin on. I've even seen one shop that had a sign up that said "pernil", which is the whole shoulder, bone in with rind on.

    You might check with the 99 Ranch in Mountain View or Marina Foods in Cupertino to see if they'll reserve a bone-in fresh ham for you. It helps if you speak Spanish or Cantonese to communicate with the meat department.

    1. Did you ask if you could special-order one or just if they had one in stock?

      If by "fresh ham" you mean raw, uncured pork, any butcher that breaks down whole pigs can sell you one by special order.

      If you mean a ham that has been cured but not cooked, I think Marin Sun Farms has them.

      1. I suspect that you can find a fresh ham at Chavez Supermarket on Fair Oaks. It is a commonly used cut in many latin cuisines, so if they don't carry it (ask for pierna) you can certainly try some other carnicerias.

        Good luck.

        1. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! It is much easier to get one of those hams in the South so I was a little taken aback. (Regional differences strike again! always interesting). I will try the local Mexican and Asian markets in Sunnyvale before going for mail order.