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Jun 9, 2012 06:22 PM

Places w/ TVs to watch Games

I know this thread has been done a bunch of times... people asking for places to watch the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, etc... But whenever, I browse through those threads, there are usually just a bunch of places that have no business being mentioned on CH (the Yardhouses and Barney's Beanerys of the world). I just wanted to see if anyone had any new places that have TVs to watch sports that are also Chow-worthy.

Here's what I got:

Father's Office - not really a lot of TVs, and IIRC, no sound. But still worth mentioning.

Blue Cow Kitchen - Nice outdoor seating and bar. Tasty beers and cocktails don't hurt.

Uncle Yu's Indian - Skewers, beer, and a bunch of TVs viewable from every table/angle.

Park's BBQ - Gotta get the right seats.

There are also a few places in k-town that I personally haven't been blown away by, but I'm sure there's more than:

Beer Belly: only 1 or 2 tvs in a tight space. Plus, when they're busy it's hard to get the seats you want.
Biergarten: only been once and I sat along the wall where the projector was and I couldn't see a thing.

So... any other spots with good food to catch a game?

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  1. They have quite a few screens at Smith Woodhouse....across from Century City Mall. But I don't think their food is as good as it was when they first opened.

    1. Go Burger - sit at the bar, parking sucks though
      Tilted Kilt - great selection of beer
      Surly Goat - great selection of beer
      Beachwood BBQ - more great beer
      Buffalo Wild Wings - don't care what anyone thinks, boneless wing thurs and cheap beer
      Hooters - LA Live, great crowd
      Heroe's - Fullerton, lots of burgers and over 100 beers on tap
      Hollingshead - sandwiches and great beer selection

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      1. re: A5 KOBE

        While we're talking about good beers places, I should add 38 Degrees in Alhambra. I guess they're chow-worthy for the beer, but definitely not for the food.

      2. Was at the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at LA Live last night (pre-Van Halen show). We were pleasantly surprised by the food, and they had tons of tvs showing both basketball and hockey. It was a really fun atmosphere.

        1. One of my faves in OC is Taps Brewpub & Seafood Restaurant. It's at 101 E Imperial Hwy, Brea. It has a wide variety of seafood, steaks and pasta with a wide selection of brew styles.

          (714) 257-0101. It's Chow worthy both for food and beer. Oh and I originally forgot to add they have a number of TVs with sports on when games are going on.

          1. This has been pissing me off lately. How come with all these stupid gastropubs opening, none of them have TVs? Golden state has one. Manna in Little Tokyo has improved drastically from it's previous location, has many TVs and a banchan buffet but it's still AYCE. There's also oinkster which has 2 TVs.
            I miss 8 oz burger bar.

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            1. re: peppermonkey

              I think the math is something like... the clientele of trendy gastropubs is hipsters and hipsters don't do sports (except soccer and ultimate frisbee), thus gastropubs don't show sports.

              1. re: andytseng

                i think it has more to do with the chefs not wanting to turn the place into a sports bar, rather than catering to what people want. Most of the gastropubs I see are filled with asians or beer snobs. These people like sports. Of course I'm generalizing generalizations.

                1. re: andytseng

                  >>hipsters don't do sports (except soccer and ultimate frisbee)<<

                  For soccer - Euro-soccer - Zinque in Venice broke out the audio-visual system for the European Soccer Championship. Huge crowd in there yesterday...

                  1. re: andytseng

                    We do need more ultimate on TV! :)

                  2. re: peppermonkey

                    Haven Gastropub in Orange has TVs with the game on.

                    For decent sushi, Wasa in Irvine has a number of TVs and seems to always have a game on.

                    1. re: peppermonkey

                      Gastropubs are about the food. They are not sports bars.

                        1. re: peppermonkey

                          Probably because we'd sit there for too long watching a game. Turnover is king.