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Jun 9, 2012 05:20 PM

NYCer 1st time in New Orleans !! What are your MUST trys ???

I am an avid foodie and have been dying to go N.O. especially (and mostly) for the FOOD !

I will be travelling solo so would prefer to avoid " family style" places or fancy -smancy places& I will not be driving .

I would LOVE to try all the foods that New Orleans is known for (Po' Boy , Muffletta , etc.) and also any places that are not unique to N.O. but take give it a unique twist N.O style .

I am open to any foods ....really. I am not picky AT ALL. I usually prefer homey , low-key , hole in the wall places. I will be there for about 4 days hopefully.

Although I will be seeing the sights ..this trip for me is a food trip ! lol (makes me sound fat) I wanna see what all the rave is about Creole cuisine.

I have beignets, boiled crawfish, etoufee, yaka main, jambalaya,gumbo, banana foster,muffeletta, po-boy on my list...but feel free to suggest anything else as I am very much a yankee


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  1. There are threads re: 1st time visits (some from fellow NYers) hole in the walls, muffalettas, specific name it. In addition, many post their trip reviews. A board search will answer most questions

    1. Stay in the FQ so you can walk to all the attractions. Galatoire's, NOLA, Mr. B's, Bayona, Muriel's and Stella are outstanding. Emeri's, August and Tommy's are a short cab ride. You don't need a car. Take a cab from the AP. Visit the GD and Uptown and go to Commander's Palace, Coquette, Lilette, Clancy's, Patois, Brigtsen's and Jacque IMO's. Enjoy your visit.

      1. I agree that a first time visitor should probably stay in or near the Quarter. However, don't let youself get stuck there for four days. Venture Uptown down St. Charles and back down Magazine. The Quarter is great for certain things, but there is certinaly more to Nola than the FQ...especially if you are going to be ther for 4 days.

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          For a poboy Parkway bakery and tavern outside the quarter up the canal streetcar line. Muffuletta either central grocery or the Napoleon house both in the quarter your choice. Pascal Manales on Napoleon accessible from the st charles streetcar line try the bbq shrimp. Liuzzas on bienville for sure youll love it there.

        2. Agreed with the rest. I'd like to add in a suggestion that you try some BBQ Shrimp. (Hint: BBQ Shrimp does not mean grilled shrimp with BBQ sauce or anything like that, it's a whole different beast.)

          1. When do you plan to be here? That will have an effect on what is available.