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Jun 9, 2012 04:29 PM

Best BBQ San Antonio?

Visiting San Antonio for the first time. I've had Snow's in Lexington, Franklin's in Austin but this is a new spot for us. Any recommendations for great BBQ? Thank you.

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  1. Two Bros BBQ, but be aware part of the road it's on is closed for construction, I'd call to check the route.

    1. My favorite bbq in San Antonio so far is Bolner's Market. Not only is the bbq very good, it's in a really cool old building and they have a butcher counter in the back. Buy some fajita meat and Adelita's corn tortillas - add some salsa and you are all set to party.

      I also enjoyed Rudy's brisket and Smokey Mo's pork loin. I really want to try Home of Da Smoke, Mr J's and The Sisterdale Smokehouse but haven't been able to yet.

      I don't think San Antonio is a great BBQ town - at least not legendary - but there is some good stuff to try.

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        Thank you for the recommendation of Bolner's-- it looks like a great place to pick up some lunch! I'll check it out.

        1. re: San Antonio Sam

          I was interested to see mention of Smokey Mo's. We used to live about a mile or so away from their original location in Cedar Park. It was our neighborhood "go to" when we couldn't take the time or trouble to get to Lockhart, Luling, Taylor, etc. And in those days, there was no Franklin's. Smokey Mo's was pretty serviceable in that role and we went there often.

          How is the one in San Antonio?

          So often, the original location of a restaurant is good, but when they try to expand, the quality suffers.

          1. re: Jaymes

            Never been to any other location but servicable and "go to" are words I would use to describe Smokey Mo's in San Antonio. It's consistently very good. I never really liked thier brisket - too lean and dry for me - but all the other meats are very good. The pork loin and turkey are really special - I can't think of a place that does those meats better. I moved across town and haven't been back for a while - our new go to place is not as good as Smokey Mo's . .but I still don't drive across town for it.

            1. re: San Antonio Sam

              Didn't have a problem with lean, dry brisket. Of course, we always get the moist.

              And I'll even admit that occasionally I opted for a Smokey Mo's chopped brisket sandwich. I'm a bad bad girl.

              1. re: Jaymes

                oh, yeah . . .I love the baked potato with chopped brisket, too. That's a nap-inducing lunch, for sure!

        2. Drive to Lockhart. Choose practically any place you come across. Seriously, it's worth the drive.

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            I'm willing to make the drive. Drove two hours to Lexington from Houston a couple of years ago for Snow's and that was worth it. How far to Lockhart? Is it less than 2 hours away? What about Luling?

            1. re: dimsumgirl

              Google maps has City Market in Luling one hour from The Alamo. Lockhart is about twenty minutes north of Luling.

              1. re: dimsumgirl

                We usually plan on about an hour to Lockhart, on a late Saturday afternoon. Drive out I-10, and turn left at the Luling exit. Go through Luling and continue on to Lockhart. Take a gander at the historic courthouse in the middle of town, and check out Black's Barbeque (can't miss the signs). There are at least two other establishments on this route who serve outstanding barbeque, so take in the full range before you decide.

            2. I'm a huge fan of Lockhart and Luling. Best BBQ I've tried anywhere. On the other hand, I don't always have the 3 hours from the SA medical center to run there, wait in line, and then run back.

              My plan when I have less than 3 hours scheduled to eat is The Big Bib in NE San Antonio. Best I've found in SA by a fair margin.

              1. I finally got a chance to try Home of Da Smoke in Adkins. I was very impressed, indeed. The pork ribs, in particular, were outstanding - best I've had in and around San Antonio. It's a bit of a hike from most parts of the city but well worth a visit.

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                  Yeah, I want to try Home Of DA Smoke, it's out my way, haven't been there yet.They opened a new place in Universal City,east of San Antonio, Smokey Moe'sI think it's called. Was mentioned in the food section of the San Antonio Express News. Got a good review.I think it is located along Pat Booker Road next to Ana's MexicanRestaurant. The town isn't hard to find, you can go FM 78 which runs through,Kirby ,Converse and right in front of Randolph AFB, you make a left and go up several blocks. If you decide to keep on FM78, you can drive past Schertz and on to Cibolo, which is the home of Harmon's BBQ. Just turn to your left on Loop 536 I think is the number.Anyhow,just go straight on the loop, and then make a left at the light right by St.Paul's Church of Christ.Keep going,and Harmon's is on your right,before you cross the railroad tracks.Their bbq I like, and they have or did have, baked potatoes they put bbq on.
                  Also, you can just cross the tracks, and Catelano's Pizza is there.I like their spaghetti and meat balls,and I've had their other stuff too.
                  Home of Da Smoke is out on USHWY 87.For me, the best way to go is Loop1604.