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Jun 9, 2012 03:19 PM

How to start it off right in Solana Beach?

Hey Hounds-
Heading out to SD (from AZ) for our beach fix (oh! how I wish it wasn't so few and far between!)
Starting our trip with the afternoon in Solana before heading down to SD.

Looking for great eats around there--we'll be hitting the Farmer's Market and putting our toes in the sand.
We're not picky and somewhat adventurous--spices, flavors, sushi, etc. are all good.

That being said, I would love great seafood and a beer with a put-your-feet-up kind of vibe and a view!


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  1. All the beach communities surrounding Solana's an easy drive away - you don't even need to hit the freeway if you want an easy and relaxed drive. So with that being said, right there in Solana is Claire's on Cedros, a very nice place to breakfast/brunch/lunch. Also right in Solana Beach is Rudy's for their incredible Carne Asada.

    If you want a blowout choice for Sushi, our best in the county is in the next town north in Encinitas, Kaito Sushi.

    Coastal North County folks love to love Del Mar's Brigatine's unusual take on fish tacos, complete with an elevated view of the Del Mar racetrack.

    There's a couple of other odd and ends such as Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas, which is very good if you don't mind a take-out-only shop. I don't think they're very good but a huge hit up here is also Yumeya, a tiny Izakaya situated in a roadhouse off the coast highway, also in Encinitas.

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      The San Diego County Fair opened yesterday. It is held at the Del Mar Race Track.

      Most Fairgoers use the exit Via De La Valle, just South of Solana Beach. Don't panic if you suddenly hit a giant backup.

      (I meant to reply to the OP, cgfan. Sorry.)

      1. Flavor in Del Mar is really good too.

        1. Sushi is great at Kaito.

          Been several times, will go again.

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            + 1 on Kaito. Great sushi in a "put up your feet and have a sake" kind of vibe.

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              In all fairness, you'll find that a few people that have tried both Kaito and the much more publicized Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach prefer Ota, but it seems that the majority that have frequented both prefer Kaito. There are a handful of other places that occasionally get mentioned along with those two, but they are the big boys.

            2. re: Fake Name

              Kaito is the best.

              I really can't say enough good things about the sushi there.

              1. re: okawari

                Do you know if they'll accommodate vegetarians?

                1. re: Josh

                  IIRC, ipsit had a nice vegetarian meal there a while back.