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pizza hut has changed

I did order pizza hut pizza today for the first time in 6 years. I remember in the 80s how great they were. Today, I ordered one veggie pan pizza and one meat lovers stuff crust pizza. The veggies were good and the sauce was good. I did notice how they are skimping on the toppings. I can remember back then that they loaded it up. Not now today. The stuff crust pizza seems that it has changed too. It seems like they use less cheese in the crust or something. The pan style crust isn't as buttery anymore. It seems pretty dry to me, like a thick piece of bread. I did use three online coupons. For the large stuff crust, large pan crust, an order of cheesy bread, 2 personal pan pizzas and a two liter came to $37.00. So i don't know if this is a good deal or not, but this is a pretty big order. I really wish they would bring back their old fashioned pizza back or at least have it as a limited time thing from time to time. As a kid, they were the best. I even miss some of the promotions that they used to have. I even still have my universal monster cups. I guess the good times have changed. Too bad.

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  1. I don't know where you are but if you want really REALLY good pizza, and you live in Charleston go here:


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      I live outside of winston salem nc. Sometimes it is hard to find any good restaurants.

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        Try Mario's Pizza or Burke Street Pizza. I don't know if it will be any cheaper, but it will definitely be better.

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          I have actually have heard from two different people that they are good. My boyfriends sister said that Marios pizza was great and a past friend of mine used to eat at burke street pizza all the time. I know that burke street is a college hang out since they have many bars, but I have heard some closed. Now I believe there is a jazz club and a smoke shop in place where there used to be those places. I don't remember seeing a pizza place, but I have heard of them and will try them when I'm out at that area. Thanks for sharing.

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        I wished I lived there. I will give them a try if I ever go out there. Thanks for sharing.

      3. In my area it would be 41.72 with an online deal and that is pick up. So I'd say it was a deal. I am going to show my age and tell you I remember when it was a destination dinner. And i remember when they got the pac man game that was a sit down booth game and how exciting it was. Then I worked there in the late 80's and saw the amount of oil that went into the pizza pan to make the crust.....holy crap. Maybe they changed the recipe to make it healthier. I haven't had it in years because it is so many oil soaked calories.

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          Pac man game was the way to go during the time. Do you remember a machine that had a chicken and would give you an egg with a surprise in it for only a quarter? Goodness, how times have changed.

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            Oh my. You just sent me in the way back machine. To funny.

        2. I know the stuff can be on the fatty side, but everyone deserves to splurge every once in a while. If you eat healthy for the most part and decided heck i want pizza today, then why not? Why are places switching their ingredients just to make it cheaper for them while we are still paying the high price? Also, i really don't believe that these places are trying to use healthier ingredients. Even if they are, it isn't working. Also why change something that people like. If you don't want to eat it, then don't. You know, back a long time ago like the 50s, people ate lots of eggs and meat. Breakfast was a big deal. Big home cooked meals was the thing they did. There were not many obese people then. Maybe the people during that time were more hard working than the people who came later. I guess i will start trying a few local pizza places. Nothing ever stays the same. At least the small local places are less likely to be changing their ingredients, but if you fall in love with a small business, it is possible that they may not stick around for long.

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            I agree that a splurge is always worth it now and again. But I have some tummy issues and am afraid all that oil would cause to many issues anymore. I wonder why they change things that are working for them. You are probably right that it comes down to food cost and cheaper ingredients tip the financial scale in their favor. As to falling in love with a product from a small local and having them go under has happened to me many many times.

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              I agree that too much oil can cause issues. I have tummy issues too. Plus there is a scare on transfats or other alternative oils that they can be using. It really sucks that our food industry has gone down hill, especially in the big food chain market. There are several great small business's that can't keep up with competition. I have loved a restaurant or two and they are gone now. What ever happened to using honest ingredients?