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Jun 9, 2012 01:20 PM

Birmingham Serious Knife Sharpening

Does anyone know anyone in the area that does a good job sharpening knives? I'm not talking running it through an electric sharpener or the like. I have a Japanese chef's knife and a waterstone, but my needs a small chip repair. I'm trying to avoid mailing it to a Murray Carter or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Talk to Susan at Birmingham Bake and Cook, 980-3661. Her shop is in Inverness, down Valleydale Road a bit from the U.S. 280 intersection.

    1. It's been a while since I spent any serious time in the Kitchen Knife forums but, you might want to check with the people here:

      There are quit a few professional knife sharpeners who have the specialized skill to repair your knife. Be sure whoever you take it to has experience with Japanese knives.