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Jun 9, 2012 12:24 PM

Luminato 1000 tastes of Toronto at the distillery

Delicious stands:

- Milagros has some tender and flavorful pulled pork tacos and braised lamb tacos
- Chocosol - chocolate & black bean quesadillas
- vertical - fresh made pasta with local asparagus and sausage
- LPK - carrot cake donuts - mmm - went back for seconds!
- my hubby and son liked the lamp chops with quinoa salad at the pc stand!

- the cod sandwiches at the LUMA stand were just OK, but at $5 a pop, would skip...
- hey meatball - first time I try this place, really nothing special, would definitely skip

A few places weren't set up yet at noon, but on our way out they were and looked good, too bad we were full :

- torito - steamed buns with pork, guac, tomatillo
- local - fresh pulled mozzarella with asparagus salad

Lineups not too bad

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  1. +1 for Milagro's tacos! Also really enjoyed Queen Margherita Pizza's personal pizza. Southern Accent's po boys were quite tasty as well and dufflet had a good deal with a brownie and personal berry crumble for 1 ticket.

    Thought the set up was nice although a little confusing, thankfully they learned from last year that people need seating and set up a couple large tables to enjoy the meals.

    Overall I thought it was a successful event

    1. +1 for milagros, queen margherita, and vertical.

      tbh i found some of the offerings a little pedestrian and skimpy for $5...for example ksr did a bunch of stuff last year (sausage, khao soi beef, thai iced tea, etc). they seemed to be only doing 1 item this year....just the sausage.

      largest lineup by far was for the grilled chicken with your choice of rice/beans/plaintains/salad....extremely pedestrian but biggest portion of the event so go figure.

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      1. re: blitz

        What we had - we generally liked...
        - husband had Luma fish sandwich - enjoyed (it was the first thing he at at noon)
        - Queen Margherita pizza - awesome
        - hey Meatball - what a delish sandwich
        - Southern Accent - blackened tofu po'boy - tasty but skimpy
        - Pure Spirits mussels - good
        - Khoa San Road - so good - they had a sausage, papaya salad and drink - not sure why you only got a sausage.
        - Poutini's - last thing we ate - we were already stuffed. Tasty!

        I thought it was an amazing event. PC did it up right - their free samples were great too!

        1. re: MeMeMe

          The first day I also didn't realize that KSR had a papya salad and the mango drink. I was talking to them about it and they said it was the same offer on the first day but I think they updated their sign to add the other two items otherwise I (and blitz) both missed that they had other things. The grill was so prominent and there was no one taking away anything else at the time so it looked like all they had was sausages. Anyway, I had it yesterday and I would rank it up there with the best thing I had at 1000 tastes to just ahead of the pasta from Vertical.

          Yesterday in addition to my first day report I had
          Mussels from pure spirits
          Tacos for Milargo
          Pulled Pork from Cafe Uno (I was curious as it looked good and was a good size portion), looked like they prepared it on the Big Green Egg since there was one outside by their area). I enjoyed the PP but I didn't like the coleslaw (completely bland and not vinegar based).

          Also had one of the Australian desserts (Lamington) -

          First time I had ever had one. To be honest it didn't look that appetizing from afar but my friend wanted one so she gave me one of hers (you got 2 for 1 ticket). I really enjoyed it.

          Oh, and lastly, we stopped back by for dinner since we were in the area and we shared the sausage roll, cookie, salad from Brick Bakery as well as Catfish combo from Southern Accent and some Indian food from Amaya.

      2. Agree, pretty good event, very reasonable lineups, well organized with booths spread out and lots of tables. We went right at noon to beat the "rush" but it never really got uncomfortably busy, at least til we left around 1pm. Though it opened at noon a number of vendors weren't really ready until 12:30 or so, which dictated our choices.

        I second the carrot cake donuts, which were surprisingly good. Enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich and plantains from some catering place. Finally had one of those infamous cheeseburger spring roll from the Lee cart, it was pretty much as expected (they were also promoting the new Bent restaurant opening soon on Dundas W.)

        Might head back tomorrow to try some of those tacos...

        1. Yeah, I am surprised there wasn't much interest when I posted about the event a few days ago... I think a lot of people were scared off from the experiences last year which was in my opinion the worst of all of the 1000 tastes. This years ranks up there with the best (maybe behind the original one at Distillery which was "unique" at the time). A lot less crowded than any of the previous ones. I don't know if it was the uncertain weather or just because Distillery is a bit "out of the way".

          I echo some other suggestions above an I agree that Luma's offering wasn't that great. It was the only thing I had that I thought after "I should have skipped this".. Something about it, it tasted "dry".. Maybe the bread choice..

          I am hoping to stop by tomorrow before a Luminato show...

          BTW, slightly off topic but if you are looking for something to do, a lot of other great Luminato stuff on this weekend. I loved The Alpha Project tonight,.

          1. Was tougher to get to than Queens Park, but other than all the seating being in the direct sun we liked it.

            Tried a bunch of dishes, really liked the blackened chicken, potato salad and corn bread from Southern Accent (we have walked past the restaurant so many times and never gone in, we for sure will go in the next time).
            I enjoyed the pizza from Maghareta as well, got lucky and got one of the last ones before they ran out.
            Hey Meatball was very good too, much meatier than we first thought.
            We tried the carrot cake donuts (they were fantastic) but did not love the ice cream sandwich also from LPK.
            Tried to go to Amaya, but when I asked for the items on their sign they offered something completely different, so I kept shopping.

            Was nice too that there was a permanent Gregs Ice Cream at the Distillery.

            Was a good time, will certainly be back next year.