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Jun 9, 2012 12:03 PM

Adriana's Restaurant for Lunch on a Monday (or other suggestions)

We're meeting up with someone I've known online for nearly two decades but am just meeting face to face for the first time. She's going to be in New Haven for a conference (she lives in Australia) and I was thinking Adriana's would be a nice lunch spot.

If you have other thoughts on that, it'd be nice to hear. My husband hates fish, so where ever we eat needs a decent non-fish option. I'd rather spend $15 or less per person for lunch. Someplace with a decent salad, or burger, no I don't want to try the place where they first served hamburgers, thanks. I don't think we need especially ethnic, but latin american over asian is better, if you're suggesting along those lines.

Can anyone tell me what the parking is like near Adriana's? Will we have hassles?

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  1. First off, Adriana's has their own private parking lot, a blocked street was ceded to them by the City of New Haven years ago

    I have linked the lunch menu from their website:

    I think you would be hard pressed to dine for under $15 per person including tax and tip, maybe $20-25 would be more realistic.

    There salads are good, but this is NOT the place for a burger.

    Most New Haven downtown restaurants are not 'free parking' friendly, but with Yale out of session pay parking lots and or meters should be available.

    I would highly recommend ZINC at 964 Chapel Street, on the Green between Temp[le and College, again $20-25 with tax and Tip.

    1. Adriana's has its own parking. What about Pepe's? Open daily from 11 am.
      Bentara another N.H. favorite with great food or Oaxaca Kitchen across from the Shuburt.

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        I do appreciate all the suggestions, and in the interest of giving feedback:

        Zinc doesn't serve lunch on Mondays. Also, there's exactly one item on Zinc's menu that my husband would consider eating (you didn't know that, but I'd already looked at the menu before posting :). Everything else on the menu, literally everything else, has some ingredient that he wouldn't eat.

        I'm looking at Oaxaca as a possibility for my husband and I to have dinner Monday night (based on previous comments I'd seen on this board). Also, I'd rather no Asian food, my husband doesn't really like it (he dislikes ginger and other "sweet" spices and we both intensely dislike cilantro, and as ginger is a huge component of most Asian cuisine, I tend to avoid it when we're spending loads of money dining out), so Bentara just isn't a good option for us.

        When I said less than $15 per person, I meant for the entrees only. There are a lot of plates on the Adriana's menu that are less than $15. My husband and I don't usually have apps or dessert, we usually just order entrees (we've both had gastric bypass surgery and we can't eat that much food). I only ever drink water because I never have room for liquids when I'm eating out so buying a beverage for me is a waste of money. My husband usually has diet soda, neither of us drinks alcohol of any kind.

        I figured Adriana's has enough variety that our friend will find something she would like for a price that works for her, no matter what that price might be. Also, she mentioned (when I sent her the link to Adriana's) that she likes going out to Italian places when she's not with her husband because he doesn't care for pasta (! I mean, I have a picky husband but at least he loves pasta! ;) ). So she liked the look of the Adriana's. She didn't say anything about the prices, so I think that'll be the best choice for us for lunch. That they have their own parking lot is a bonus. :)

      2. What about The Cask Republic?
        It's on-street parking or there's a garage down at the end of temple across from the movie theater.