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Jun 9, 2012 10:48 AM

Where to eat in Cranford NJ

Going to the movies in Cranford and want to eat afterwards- simple and good!

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  1. Ha! Was there last night with friends who live in town, and I was commenting on how many good options they are the few I know about for casual dining:

    Kilkenney's Pub
    Emma's Brick Oven Pizza
    Avenue East (some of every kind of Asian food, including sushi, Thai, Malaysian, and more)

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      A toute heure is not simple, but it is good.

    2. Second all of the above - especially Kilkenny - our favorite place to go. And then after you can walk up to the Vanilla Bean Creamery - they make delicious ice cream.

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        Some other options - Mizu Sushi (delicious sushi, my favorite in the area), Italian Pantry, and Thai Cranford (right past the movie theater, across from the diner). And I second Vanilla Bean - we're there at least once a week!

      2. Garlic Rose is one of our favorite places--we go there often, and have never been disappointed.

        1. We chose Garlic Rose and had a delicious meal! Thank you all!

          1. It gets mixed reviews, but Dim Sum II Chinese Restaurant is right next door, locally owned, and I enjoyed several meals there.

            Also try the Cranford Hotel for a nice relaxing cocktail.